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The aim of business is to "GROW"

Our seminars provide business owners and their teams the inspiration, motivation and knowledge that empowers them to create a business with the ability to generate significant profit as well as creating meaningful education and growth opportunities for their team.

We offer a range of seminars specific to building a salon business.
For individual seminar information you can find out more below.

New Website and Course Information Launching July 2022.


Super Stylist Seminar – is focused on getting team members motivated to take ownership of their productivity and their income. The focus of the seminar is to give anyone involved in the hair and beauty industry both the understanding and the skills, to enable them to increase their clientele and maximise the revenue they generate.

Management Seminar – Holding most businesses back from reaching their full potential is a lack of clear objectives and a workable plan to turn those goals into reality. The ‘Management Seminar’ is the beginning of developing a business and marketing action plan specifically for your business.

Team Building for Owners/Managers Seminar – Your future success now more than ever is determined by your ability to build, train and maintain a team. As the owner or manager, your job is to grow people into a united team that represents your brand. Typically the biggest challenges we face will involve finding them, training them, motivating and inspiring them. This seminar is about addressing those challenges and shows what is needed to build and be part of a highly productive, happy team.

Marketing Seminar – The key to successful marketing is reaching people who already want to buy what you sell… The challenge is who are they and how do you get to them? Marketing is about tailoring solutions and systems to increase the amount of new clients coming through your door turning them into regulars and keeping them as long as possible.

Money Seminar – Is your business an asset or a liability? Will it put money in your pocket without you having to work in it or have you bought yourself a job? You will not grow if you are not astute, if you want a successful business you have to be on top of the financial side or it will destroy you. The harsh reality is that the majority of small business’s fail; the danger is that most business operators run the business out of their heads without the proper operating systems . The ‘Money seminar’ is about developing those systems. 

Grow My Colour Business Seminar – This seminar looks at the opportunities and challenges of todays ever changing hair colour market. The ongoing changes in technology and consumer expectation affect both salon owners and clients everywhere. Understanding the business side of colour as well as the needs and expectations of your target market and being able to deliver a bespoke experience is more essential than ever.

Grow My Salon Business