The aim of business is to "Grow"

We offer a range of seminars specific to building salon businesses. This page is an overview, for individual seminar information use the drop-down menu above to navigate between seminars.

The hairdressing market is worth an enormous amount of money, yet many businesses still struggle to break even, let alone make a reasonable profit on their investment in opening a salon.

Grow my salon business seminars provide business owners and their teams the inspiration, motivation and knowledge that empowers them to create a business with the ability to generate significant profit as well as creating meaningful education and growth opportunities for their team.

Irrespective of the country, business size, culture, or traditions the same fundamentals underpin the basic needs of both clients and businesses, primarily that business survival is dependent on business growth.

Regardless of what business sector you are in be it service, hospitality, retail, manufacturing etc we are all operating in a very competitive environment whereby whatever our product or service, the consumer is spoilt for choice and can get “it” elsewhere. If your businesses rationale for growth is based on competing on the quality of your product or service alone, it is not enough

In order to grow, all businesses are beholden to the same three fundamental laws of growth.


  1. Increase the amount of clients
  2. Increase the amount clients spend
  3. Increase the frequency of purchase

Every marketing, training, and product development or service initiative you can imagine and implement will fit into one of these three categories.
In hairdressing, these 3 principals of business growth can be categorised into either:

  • The actions and business strategies the salon owner needs to develop or
  • The actions each individual stylist initiates and implements thus recognising that the business growth is ultimately dependent on the individual's growth

Grow my salon business seminars are designed to help individuals and companies grow. The programs are comprehensive and assuming participants implement and follow through on ideas they are guaranteed to produce positive measurable results.