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Learn the systems
and mindset to
manage your salon

The low-down for salon owners and managers who want to get super organised so they can expand or take more of a back seat. You’ll learn new tools and systems to streamline your business, create your culture and define a bold vision for your team.

Who is it for?

The Salon Management Course will change your life if you're a salon owner or manager who wants to build a business that runs efficiently (even when you’re not there) and finally put the systems in place to get more consistent standards and a defined culture. Whether you want to take over the world (or take more of a back seat), this course will show you the most direct path to success.

You’ll get value from this if you’re a…

Salon owner with ambitions to expand or take more of a back seat, BUT you want help to develop your own managers with the skills needed to manage and grow the business.

Manager of a busy salon who is full of enthusiasm and energy and is looking for a proven system and the most direct path to create a better culture and a motivated, goal-oriented team.

By the end of the
Salon Management course,
you’ll have a…

New and unstoppable mindset

Rock up to work with a more focused, consistent and professional mindset that rubs off on your team. Find the energy and motivation to get things done.

Plan of action that will happen

Stop running your business month to month with no long-term vision – instead, you’ll set clear targets for the team and put a strategy in place to get you there.

Culture that reflects YOUR values

“Salon culture” is the invisible element your team and clients feel when they walk through the door. You’ll learn how to define, nurture and protect it.

A consistent brand message

In a highly competitive industry, your brand needs to stand for something. The way to do that is to define your brand values and what that looks like from a client service experience.

Productive team with sky high energy

By sharing your vision, setting clear targets
and creating a feeling of belonging, your team will be more motivated than you’ve ever seen them before.

A clear purpose that helps attracts talent

We all want to do meaningful work we believe in. By creating a sense of purpose, you’ll develop a culture that sets your team up for success.

Better relationships and communication

Develop the leadership and ”people skills” needed to have open conversations, nurture your team, mentor their careers, and get the best from them.

A business that works without you

Your business should not be reliant on you doing everything. Learn to create the systems that free you up to grow a business that runs like clockwork.

“The journey from a small studio to a full-scale salon with employees and renters was exciting but challenging.”

“I quickly realized I needed more than just resilience, I needed a solid strategy for growth. That’s when I found the Salon Management course, and it changed everything!

The return on investment of your time and money is worth it without a doubt, it's like pennies compared to having to go back to college.”

-Ashley Renee
The Salon Venice

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What's Inside

The salon ‘Management’ course is your complete blueprint for managing a salon successfully.

I will take you by the hand and guide you through a series of step-by-step bite-size video trainings on how to develop a vision and create a modern salon culture by putting the systems and structure in place so that the business is not 100% reliant on you.

8 training modules packed with advice
Access hours of video tutorials walking you through step-by-step frameworks for each topic along with key points and action steps.

Workbook to take action from day one
Turn theory into action with a workbook to keep you engaged and on track as you implement and work through the content. This is your key to making lasting changes from day one.

Course calendar to keep up momentum
Keep track of your learning, get a bird’s eye view of what you’ve covered so far, and stay engaged as you work through the course.

LIVE group coaching with Antony
Join me for 10 x FREE one-hour group coaching sessions to troubleshoot and gain clarity. Calls are recorded in case you miss the live Q&A.

Connect with a supportive community Access a private Facebook community and share advice with other salon owners and managers who are working through the program at the same time as you.

Done for you Templates, Forms, Checklists
With these plug-and-play templates, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel, and they will save you hours as you’ll easily adapt them to suit your business objectives.

You’ll get lifetime access to the course materials and can walk through them at your own pace – no subscription required!

The complete online Management course

  • 8 Training Modules
  • 16+ Hours content
  • 59+ Video lessons
  • PDF guides Templates
  • Workbook
  • Done for you Templates – Forms – Checklists
  • BONUS: Facebook Group
  • BONUS: 10 x One hour group coaching calls
  • BONUS: Private Management course podcast


With the Salon Management Course, you’ll learn to streamline your business, create your culture and define a bold vision for your team. The salon ‘Management’ course is your complete blueprint for managing a salon successfully.

It is made up of 8 modules, with each module covering a specific area of salon management. Move through the modules at your own pace, on your own time. You’ll have lifetime access to the course and any updates, so jump back in whenever you need a refresher.


Module 1. Getting Focused

Module 2. Systems & Process Management

Module 3. Culture Management

Module 4. Self Management

Module 5. Time Management

Module 6. People Management

Module 7. Operations Management

Module 8. Client Management

Course Introduction

Lesson 1: Course content overview

Lesson 2: How to use this course

Lesson 3: How we learn

Lesson 4: Look for the nuggets

Lesson 5. Legislation compliance

Module 1. Getting Focused

Lesson 1: What would you like to get from the course

Lesson 2: Create it on paper

Lesson 3: The top 3 challenges

Lesson 4: Managing the life cycle of business

Lesson 5: S.W.O.T. Analysis

Module 2. Systems and Processes

Lesson 1: The tools of management

Lesson 2: The systems and processes of management

Lesson 3: The leadership and people skills of management

Module 3. Culture Management

Lesson 1: Getting clarity on you and your business

Lesson 2: What is your business model?

Lesson 3: What is your business vision?

Module 4. Self Management

Lesson 1: Intentional goal setting

Lesson 2: Action plans

Lesson 3: Leadership 1.01

Lesson 4: Self motivation

Module 5. Time Management

Lesson 1: Time Management

Lesson 2: Make meetings work

Lesson 3: Managing team meetings

Lesson 4: Delegation

Lesson 5: Outsourcing

Lesson 6: Juggling the role of stylist and manager

Lesson 7: Stepping away from behind the chair

Module 6. People Management

Lesson 1: Partnerships

Lesson 2: Family businesses

Lesson 3: New manager challenges

Lesson 4: Non hairdresser managers

Lesson 5: External team management

Lesson 6: Communication systems

Lesson 7: Setting a new manager up to succeed

Module 7. Operations Management

Lesson 1: Organisation chart

Lesson 2: Why you need systems

Lesson 3: Policy and procedures manual

Lesson 4: Operations manual

Lesson 5: Facilities management

Lesson 6: Inventory management

Lesson 7: The onboarding process

Lesson 8: Human resource management

Module 8. Client Management

Lesson 1: Creating the client experience

Lesson 2: Dealing with complaints

Lesson 3: Managing your online reputation

Lesson 4: Cancellation policy

Lesson 5: Client relationship management

Lesson 6: The wrap up

– A note from Antony


The transition from hairstylist to becoming a salon owner and manager happens overnight, but unfortunately, more often than not, that transition happens with very little training or true understanding of the responsibilities that come with it.  

As a hairdresser, former multi-salon owner, educator and business coach, I created this course so that salon owners and managers had both the understanding and the tools needed to guide them through the journey of becoming an effective leader and manager.

I recognise that everyone going through this course will have varying degrees of experience, so this course builds on solid foundations, with each module building on the next. 

The result is a comprehensive guide that covers the functions of management regardless of at what point of the  journey you are on.. 

‘Management’ is a course that teaches both hairdressers and non-hairdressers the foundations of management. The lessons within the course are full of practical step by step advice and resources that set you on the path to becoming a more effective leader and salon manager.    

See you on the inside,

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