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Do you need someone who “gets it” to open up about your salon’s challenges, goals and aspirations? Are you feeling stuck, directionless, or unsure how to overcome a specific challenge?

As a salon owner, it can often feel like there’s nobody to talk to about the bigger picture. My bespoke 1:1 coaching sessions create space in your schedule to reflect and ACT on the sticking points for your business.

Can you help with…?

After coaching thousands of salon owners around the world (and running my own salon business), I see the same challenges coming up again and again.

How can I increase my team’s productivity so I can finally pay myself a decent salary? Is now the right time to open another salon? How do I prepare for a financial downturn? What should I do about a problematic team member?

Sometimes you might not even have a specific challenge, but you just generally feel a bit lost and directionless! And guess what, that’s totally normal when you’re the boss.

Coaching is so much more than a supportive chat. My role is to help you get clearer than you’ve ever been on your goals and direction. Together, we’ll create a plan and set time frames, then I’ll continue to provide direction, accountability and support to make sure you see results.

Whatever’s on your mind,
we’ll find the right answer FOR YOU.


– Emiliano Vitale Sydney, Australia

Working with Antony was my favourite part of every month. Antony really helped me see my business differently, see the opportunities in it and helped guide me to improve on what I was doing. Antony’s lifetime of knowledge really helped me identify and get clarity on where my business was going and how I can get there not necessarily faster, but healthier. Implementing strategies and procedures that have helped me in my business and freed me up to pursue other opportunities. Antony ROCKS.

– Tina Black Michigan, US

My business partner, (Shaun Chiodo) and I started a salon owner coaching business a few years ago. I believe that every coach needs a coach. We all have blind spots. Antony’s years of experience has proven that every single salon owner should coach with him. Shaun and I, and our salon partners gained some much valuable information to take our businesses to another level. Before we make a decision now, we say: ‘What would Antony do?’

– Pedro Inchenko London, United Kingdom

Our education director Kate Hussey and myself have recently had coaching with Antony Whitaker, it has been a huge help for us to share our experiences with someone who has walked in our shoes already. He listens and either redirects or reassures us on our goals. This process has also helped to motivate us as after each meeting Antony clearly summarises what we have discussed, which adds to our focus of achieving our goals.

– Colin Caruso New Jersey, USA

Antony really touched base with everything we had challenges with.  He offered advice, systems of success and also sent numerous documents that we could customize to help with staff relations and productivity.  I know he offers coaching to many salons, however every time we had a call, he picked up right where we left off and recalled every detail of what we were talking about.  We have never felt more of a personal connection for the growth of our business.  We have been to many business classes and this is by far superior because of the individual attention and superior advice!

– Allison Everage USA

Antony has been a blessing to myself and my business. Through his coaching, I have grown professionally as well as personally. I learned that I was doing many things right and that I could do many things better. Antony helped me make hard decisions that have made my business grow. Antony has a plethora of knowledge, don’t hesitate to contact him. Do it now!

– Gary Edge Birmingham UK

Antony is a very knowledgable Educator, with a wealth of experience in the hairdressing industry. I have found him very helpful when seeking a second opinion and getting good, honest feedback that has enabled me to make a clearer and better informed decision for my business. It’s great to get reassurance from someone who knows and understands our day to day problems.

– Martha Lynn Kale Austain, Texas, USA

I cannot say enough about how fantastic my coaching experience was with Antony!  With a background in marketing and advertising, I thought I knew a lot about business but it was so helpful to have someone ask me the tough questions and take a look at my business with fresh eyes!  As a business owner, it can seem lonely and it’s hard to know where to go for the right information.  The accountability was amazing and it really pushed me to do the hard things to take my business to the next level.  Our Q1 2015 revenue was up 30% versus the same time frame the year before and I have no doubt that it was a result of my time with Antony!  Stop what you are doing right now and make time to work ON your business rather than just IN it.

– Kon Kotsiras Australia

I was down to one staff member and pulling my hair out with toxic staff that had hijacked my business. Antony was incredible from day one. My vision is clear, I have a great team and I have been able to drop back to 3 days working on floor. The systems we implemented were personalised to suit my goals and my team and clients love the ethos of my brand. My financial growth has been substantially greater and I’m learning to work much less and delegate, because I trust the team I have employed. We even managed to have some great laughs a long the way so THANK YOU Antony your a talented, honest and genuine man making a great contribution to the Hairdressing Industry.

– Amelia and Nik Australia
Antony has given us the tools to manage our team and truly understand the cost of our overheads. Opening our minds to better ways to challenge our team and excel them to grow to the next stage. He has Increased our profitability and made our work environment a lot more fun. 
Thank you Antony! 
– Keith and Camilla Brazil
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the guidance and support during our year long journey with your good self. You have given us the tools to help us build our future as a company. We found your experience with salon life a huge benefit for us. You really understood our problems and gave us clear concise advice on how to get through it. Thanks to you Antony we have been able to expand our salon and school. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
– Dennis Bartolomei Chicago, USA

Antony Whitaker has taught me to expand my thinking and look at the opportunities different situations can present. My one on one coaching with Antony has taken my business to a new level.  I recommend that you attend one of Antony’s Grow seminars or read one of his books. I have implemented his suggestions, the results have been amazing! My business is growing!

– Bridgette Hardy Ohio, US

Being a business owner had taken a mental toll on me. I felt unorganized and most importantly unprofitable. I had the opportunity to work with Antony the beginning of 2019. He came right in Coaching. Antony accessed my business and my Goals.  He has not only taught me the skills to Grow my Business but also motivate my Team for long term success. He has inspired me to want to be the absolute best leader for my team that I can be.  I am refocused thanks to Antony.

– Stacey Rackham Michigan, US

My experience with Antony was both valuable and fun. He supported me through evaluating my business objectively and engineering my pricing structure to begin with a profit. I really enjoyed how incredibly realistic and relatable he is. I felt he genuinely cared to see my business develop to support me and the goals I have for myself. He offered alternative perspective on my long-term plans and encouraged the possibilities for the future. Ill continue to recommend Antony to other industry friends beginning their salon businesses because I believe his methodology is clear to understand and the pricing structure blueprint supports growth and profit from startup.

– Judith Pulido California, US

I met Antony Whitaker when I attended a Paul Mitchell Business seminar. I couldnt believe the impact that Antony’s GROW books had on my salon. I got in contact with Antony to start coaching sessions. I told him my vision for Revolver Hair Studio and he quickly helped me create a plan to see that vision come to life. Antony has also shared many tools and documents to continue growing. His wisdom in our industry is endless. He has been a salon owner, a hairstylist, an educator, and now forever my mentor. My advice for any salon owner or hairstylist is to contact Antony and let him help you grow your business too.

– Lesley D Flanagan New Hampshire, US

I first heard about Antony when I found his books. I reached out to him for one on one coaching because what he wrote in his books resonated with me. He has a wealth of knowledge and can help you put strategic plans in place in order to grow your business. He was especially helpful when it came time to put systems in place for my team and has the ability to help you see your blind spots so that you can adjust. He is a very honest and genuine human. I am incredibly grateful for his help.

– Paulina Mares Mexico

Antony marked a before and after at our salon. When we thought we had everything down packed as far as systems, we were wrong. Antony came to help us establish these systems and make them possible. He helped us with all his experience that he has in salons! We are sure that with all the knowledge he shared with us we can guarantee a positive growth within our salon in Mexico.

– Daniel Di Lorio Sydney, Australia

Working with Antony has been such a wonderful experience. He provides the perfect balance during his meetings asking serious questions, inspired by real stories and a light-hearted laugh to ensure it sticks. Beyond the balance, he gives you the work to do and helps you truly gain a sense of achievement and a pat on the back. The best part for me is the feedback email directly after the meeting. There are some many highlights during our meetings it’s almost impossible to remember them all however the feedback email does exactly that. I look forward to continued success whilst working with Antony.

– Janet Salvage United Kingdom

Antony has a wealth of knowledge, ideas and experience within the salon industry.  Being a business owner can be a lonely place to be.  Having someone to confide in is a huge benefit, having someone to offload to who has the understanding of what you’re facing is priceless.  Antony is able to guide and shape the direction of the business, while dealing with all the challenges of the team, clients, and the financials. A fantastic return on investment!

– Kirby Lago Sydney, Australia

I highly recommend Antony as a coach. I have had other coaches in the past but where I believe the value in Antony is in his personal experience as a salon owner. He was incredibly helpful with navigating through difficult business decisions and helped create clarity on areas of the business I haven’t given enough attention to.  I have already seen huge improvements in my business by implementing the changes we discovered. I'm grateful to know I have an expert to contact whenever I need it. Especially one who knows the ins and outs of my business. 

– Alana Balestrino New York

My time with Antony was extremely helpful in taking me to the next step in my business. I felt stuck and confused as to where to go next and even considered changing career paths. I ended up with a plan and a clear strategy to help me stay on course and accomplish what i've been working towards.  I was able to get excited about my current business and dream about the future again. I feel confident moving forward because of the work done with Antony.

– Brenda Quick South Carolina, US

Having met Antony at a Paul Mitchell event in Hawaii, I then had an opportunity to attend his seminar in Florida. I then reached out to Antony for coaching. As I was relocating the salon, I needed help with rebranding ideas, navigating the potential pitfalls of a move all while continuing to keep up sales, retain staff and grow clientele. Antony's experience in what I was going through, his encouragement and guidance, was extremely valuable in keeping me focused while all around me seemed chaotic. Coaching for a successful business is a no-brainer but finding the right coach is critical. Antony was the right coach for me at the right time!

– Connie Kennedy Texas, US

Antony has given me fantastic tools to implement into my business to help my salon and stylists be more successful. I’m tremendously grateful to have found him and highly recommend his Grow books to read. Thank you, Antony, for hearing me and giving me advice on making my salon business better!

– Candace Harker Petaluma California

I have read all of Antony's books and when I found out he offered coaching for my business there was no hesitation. Antony always has the answers I need and has helped me grow and establish my new salon business. I would recommend anyone and everyone in any business to invest in using Antony for his amazing coaching skills!

– Kelly Morrison Newcastle, UK

I got in touch with Antony Whitaker to help me grow my business. This helped by giving me direction and to look at the salon in a way, I had not done before. I cannot say enough about the help and support I had received and the positive impact this had on my salon.

– Cassie Hamel Chicago, US
I found Antony through his GROW book series. If you haven't read them yet, I highly recommend them! Whether you are a stylist, educator manager or business owner, they are extremely useful, easy to read and digest. I started working with Antony for guidance on opening my second salon location. He is a wealth of knowledge and has really opened my eyes to the array of possibilities for me and my business. I also appreciate his forthright approach and encouragement to focus on the business and take myself out of certain decisions. Something I really needed to hear. If you ever thought about seeing a coach, I cannot recommend Antony's coaching enough!

How Does it Work?

All my coaching is done over Zoom. Coaching sessions are a block of 6 x 1-hour calls usually spread over 12 weeks where you speak with me at a pre-arranged time.

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If you think that coaching is for you but you still have questions. Leave your details, and I'll send you the Coaching Guide with more information.

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