Antony Whitaker has taught me to expand my thinking and look at the opportunities different situations can present. My one on one coaching with Antony has taken my business to a new level.  I recommend that you attend one of Antony’s Grow seminars or read one of his books. I have implemented his suggestions, the results have been amazing! My business is growing!

Dennis Bartolomei - Chicago 6th April 2016

“Antony has a wealth of knowledge, ideas and experience within the salon industry.  Being a business owner can be a lonely place to be.  Having someone to confide in is a huge benefit, having someone to offload to who has the understanding of what you’re facing is priceless.  Antony is able to guide and shape the direction of the business, while dealing with all the challenges of the team, clients, and the financials. A fantastic return on investment!

Janet Salvage - London 30th June 2016

Perhaps you want to increase the productivity of everyone on your team and finally pay yourself a decent salary, or maybe you want to get the systems in place that will allow you to grow the business, expand and perhaps even open another salon?

Or is it that you want to increase the motivation and customer service levels of everyone on your team? Or is it time to start thinking about an exit strategy and where you want to be in 12 months from now?

Hey, I know that being in business isn’t always easy, in fact sometimes it can be soul destroying, frustrating and a lonely place to be, that’s why working with a coach can help.

In a coaching capacity, I have worked with many salon owners in numerous countries to help them tackle the challenges that being in business presents and I know I can help you be more successful too!

What is coaching?

If you’re a salon owner the purpose of having a business coach is to help you identify and develop achievable goals and objectives and to work with you to create a strategy to bring those goals to fruition.

Why coaching?

Being the boss and running a business can be a lonely job, having a business coach gives you the support you need to move forward with your goals.

How does it work?

I have coaching clients all over the world, so all my coaching is done via the phone or skype. Coaching sessions are a block of 6 x 1-hour calls usually spread over 12 weeks where you speak with me at a prearranged time on either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and are booked around both our busy schedules in advance.

 “Why the phone and not face to face?” Coaching over the phone keeps both of us focused on what we are doing, it’s better time management and more efficient and productive for both of us.

Does it work?

It doesn’t work, YOU and I DO! So if you are wanting a magic wand or someone to do it for you, then coaching is not for you. 

Coaching isn’t an aimless chat fest or pity session about how tough your business is. Like most things in life coaching only works if the person being coached follows through and implements the steps required.

In my role as coach it is not to do the work for you, coaching is very goal orientated and goal focused. Your goals not mine! My role as a coach is getting you really clear on what your goals are and helping you set time frames and provide direction, accountability, ideas and support.

What does it cost

Your investment is £1,200 (Approximately USD $1,450) for a block of 6 x 1-hour sessions paid in advance.

Visit  to convert to your local currency.

If you think coaching might be for you contact me via email to arrange a mutually convenient time for a complimentary 15 minute phone call to discuss if coaching is for you.

“I cannot say enough about how fantastic my coaching experience was with Antony!  With a background in marketing and advertising, I thought I knew a lot about business but it was so helpful to have someone ask me the tough questions and take a look at my business with fresh eyes!  As a business owner, it can seem lonely and it’s hard to know where to go for the right information.  The accountability was amazing and it really pushed me to do the hard things to take my business to the next level.  Our Q1 2015 revenue was up 30% versus the same time frame the year before and I have no doubt that it was a result of my time with Antony!  Stop what you are doing right now and make time to work ON your business rather than just IN it.”

Martha Lynn Kale - Austin Texas 13th June 2016

“Our education director Kate Hussey and myself have recently had coaching with Antony Whitaker, it has been a huge help for us to share our experiences with someone who has walked in our shoes already. He listens and either redirects or reassures us on our goals. This process has also helped to motivate us as after each meeting Antony clearly summarises what we have discussed, which adds to our focus of achieving our goals.”

Pedro Inchenko Director of Ena Salon | Allilon Education 30th June 2016