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The ‘Creating the Client Experience' mini-course is your complete blueprint for developing a consistent client journey that's in line with your brand values.

Your job as the salon owner is to define the client experience, develop the systems to make it repeatable and train your team to deliver it.

This mini-course walks you step by step through the process of developing a consistent brand standard for your client experience so that everyone on your team knows this is how we do it here!


The biggest issue holding salons back from growing isn’t finding new clients, it’s keeping the ones you’ve got. If you were able to keep every new client, just imagine how big your business would be! 

Unfortunately, the single biggest reason why clients don’t come back isn’t that they don’t like their hair or even the price, it’s because of a poor or indifferent experience. 

Who is this for?

This mini-course is for salon owners and their teams who want to put the systems in place to define the client experience and get more consistent standards and a defined culture. So that everyone on the team knows that ‘This is how we do it here!’

You’ll get value from this if you’re…

A salon owner looking to create a consistent brand message and service standards for your team to follow.

The salon business is a highly competitive industry, your brand needs to stand for something. The way to do that is to define your brand values and what that looks like from a client service experience.

How will this
help me?

Great service is consistent service

Consistent levels of service only happen when there are systems, processes and training in place to guarantee a brand standard no matter who the client comes into contact with.

Defining the service experience for your ideal client

In any client-facing business, the benchmark for great service begins by first defining a service experience that’s a match for your ideal client.

Align the values of the brand and the client

Client loyalty happens when the values of the brand and the client are aligned and form a professional relationship and a consistent brand experience.

The salon business relies on repeat business

If your business model is based on a ‘one off’ transaction, you’re making it very hard on yourself to succeed. Salon success depends on ‘repeat business’, and that only happens when there's a consistent brand experience.

How to identify the key touch points on the client journey

In every client exchange, there are a series of touch points throughout the client journey. Your job as the owner is to identify the key moments and develop non-negotiable or best practice standards for every step of that journey. 

Develop a culture that reflects YOUR values

‘Salon culture' is the invisible element your team and clients feel when they walk through the door. You’ll learn how to define, nurture and protect it.

An aligned and productive team

By defining a service vision, setting clear expectations and creating a feeling of belonging, your team will be more aligned than you’ve ever seen them before.

Create a bespoke but flexible brand experience

The client experience is a journey that needs to be thought through and planned out every step of the way. But it also needs to empower those on your team to adapt and personalise the experience to suit the individual. 

What's Inside

Throughout the ‘Creating the Client Experience' mini-course, I guide you step-by-step through defining and delivering a unique service vision that represents your salon culture so that your service standards and the client experience are consistent and on brand.

This mini-course is one of over 50 lessons in our ‘Salon Management’ course. Should you wish to upgrade to the Salon Management course within 90 days of purchase, the cost of this mini-course will be deducted from the full Salon Management course price.

1 hour training video packed with advice
This one-hour video tutorial walks you through a step-by-step framework for each step along the client journey with key points and suggested action steps for you and your team.

Workbook to take action from day one
Turn theory into action with a workbook to keep you engaged and on track as you develop and begin documenting the systems as you work through the content. This is your key to making lasting change.

You’ll get lifetime access to the course materials and can walk through them at your own pace – no subscription required!


Creating the client experience
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– A note from Antony


I created this course because I’m passionate about helping salon owners build successful and profitable businesses. Once you learn the craft of hairdressing, there’s a massive knowledge gap around how to turn your skills into profit.

The ‘Creating The Client Experience’ mini course is one of over 50 lessons in our salon ‘Management’ course. 

The objective of this mini course is to help you and your team define a client experience that is in line with your brand values and client expectations. The end goal is to develop the systems to make them repeatable and train your team to deliver them. 

I recognise that everyone going through this course will have unique businesses, so the structure of the course leads you through a process of creating a client experience that reflects your business culture and the needs and expectations of your salon clients. 

This course walks you step by step through that process, whether you choose to do it yourself or, as I recommend that you do it as a team-building exercise.

By taking this approach, you are getting your team involved in the process which increases their understanding of why it is so important the result is a complete and comprehensive set of service standards throughout the client journey.

See you on the inside,


Frequently asked questions

Is the Course all on-line?

Yes! The ‘creating the Client Experience' mini-course is completely online, that way you can watch and rewatch in your own time.

How do I upgrade to the full Salon Management course?

All you need to do is purchase the Salon Management course using the same email address within 90 days and it will automatically deduct the mini-course price of USD $47 off the full price of the Salon Management course at checkout.


I prefer live seminars so that I can engage and ask questions how do I ask questions during this course?

An essential component of this course is the comments section located directly underneath every video lesson, here you can ask questions and receive direct feedback from Antony.

Do I have to do anything techie?

No! Once you register you will immediately be emailed your login details and after that point it's essentially playing videos. Everything that you need is in the course platform once you've logged in you're good to go.

I’m not in the UK or the US will it benefit me?

Yes! I have worked in over 50 countries and I can confidently say that the content of this course is not country specific. As with everything I encourage everyone to always adapt the content and the ideas to suit their own culture, target market and goals and ambitions.

Still not sure?

If we haven't addressed your concerns please don't hesitate to email us at support@growmysalonbusiness.com

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