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Super Stylist

The most
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The Super Stylist course walks you step by step through a proven system of what you need to do to become a highly productive and well-paid professional stylist.

A masterclass for salon owners and individual stylists. It’s one thing being great at doing hair, but it’s the “other stuff” that opens the door to higher earnings. Super Stylist covers the foundations you NEED to make more money and be part of an incredible culture.


Before I tell you all about this career defining program, let's talk about who this is really for.

You'll get value from this if you're a…

Salon owner who recognises that the key to salon success is getting those on their team to maximise their productivity when they are behind the chair.

Stylist who is full of enthusiasm and energy that wants to be shown the most direct path and a proven system to becoming a productive and well rewarded stylist.

By the end of Super Stylist,
you’ll have…

A more focused and professional approach

To have a successful career in hairdressing requires focus, hard work and the right mindset. Start by getting clear about what you want from your life and career, and then everything else stems from that.

Increased levels of motivation for you and your team

When your team has clarity and is united around a professional approach and defined standards of excellence, the result is higher levels of motivation which leads to increased productivity in all areas.

Proven steps to higher profit, productivity & income

As a salon owner, your job is to find the balance between running a profitable business while at the same time managing productivity and rewarding people for their effort. A stylist's personal income is directly linked to their productivity. Stylists can earn well above average by learning how small and consistent actions combine to make a massive impact on their personal income.

A new mindset around selling

Every conversation is a sales conversation – we’re selling our personalities, our expertise and our products and services. Learn the simple yet effective strategies for giving clients the complete service they deserve.

Consistent client experience

The ‘client experience' has to be consistent, and for that to happen, you need to have the training systems in place so that everyone on your team is clear about “this is how we do it here”.

Control of the numbers that determine your productivity.

Every stylist needs to have an awareness of the numbers that drive their productivity. Whether it's the total client count, average spend, re-bookings, retention, referrals, retail or frequency of visit. It's essential that they not only know what they are but, more importantly, that they know exactly what they need to do to have a positive impact on them.

The Super Stylist System

  • Module 1 – Getting Focused
  • Module 2 – I want to be a Super Stylist
  • Module 3 – Inspire Me
  • Module 4 – The marketing of you
  • Module 5 – What do you Believe?
  • Module 6 – Repeat Business
  • Module 7 – Selling Stuff
  • Module 8 – Know your numbers
  • Module 9 – Become More


Super Stylist is an online course

Your initial investment is US$697, which gives you ownership of the course. This course is not a membership, once you purchase it, you own it and can work through it as many times as you wish!

If you have team members that you would like to give their own individual access to the course, you can purchase additional seats for US$25.

Each additional seat entitles your team member to:

  • A unique user login enables the user to access the course on any device anytime, anywhere for 12 months.
  • Individual assessment at the end of every module.
  • Individual certification at the end of the course.
  • Individual course dashboard to pick up where they left off.

The course owner or manager is able to:

  • Add additional team members if you have a team.
  • Access and track individual team members' course progress.

What's Inside

9 training modules packed with advice
Access hours of video tutorials walking you through step-by-step frameworks for each topic along with key points and action steps.

Workbook to take action from day one
Turn theory into action with a workbook where you can practice what you’re learning. This is your key to making lasting changes from day one.

Course community
Keep connected, share wins, ask questions and get direct feedback from Antony right on the course platform.

Course calendar to keep up momentum
Keep track of your learning, get a bird’s eye view of what you’ve covered so far, and stay engaged as you work through the course.

Dashboard reporting tool
Keep track of where your entire team are up to, what videos they have watched, and assessments they've passed with the group management dashboard.

You’ll get lifetime access to the course materials and can walk through them at your own pace – no subscription required!

The complete online Super Stylist course

  • 9 Training Modules
  • 10+ Hours content
  • 33+ Video lessons
  • PDF guides Templates
  • Workbook

Super Stylist is a life-changing experience

– Josh Hamilton South Carolina, US

With sales up 46.3% compared to last September.

I have to credit the Super Stylist training for a large part of our improvement. Not just because of the tips, techniques, and focus on key performance indicators that the course provides, but because most of our attendees came through it with more self-esteem, confidence, and professional pride. Three out of the four who have gone through the course have shown significant professional growth. I think 75% is a pretty good batting average.

Based on results so far, we have recently decided to make course attendance mandatory for all our team members.

– Valerie Finnegan Cahill Cork, Ireland

Our average bill for December 2019 was €67.50

Our average bill for December 2020 (with a 10% price increase) was €104.50 an increase of €36.70 or 54% increase!

This change was absolutely from doing the Super Stylist online course and to the commitment of our team to self and business development.

– Gary Edge Zaks, United Kingdom

Both salons +14.3% on services, and this is amazing, u0022Combined retail for both salons inc +64.4% compared to same period last year.

Overall adding both salons together increase 11% (inc hair and retail)

These figures are amazing, taking into consideration lockdown and two team members less in
one of the salons, I'm very pleased, definitely due to the Super Stylist course completed
during lockdown two!

– George Kampouris Athens, Greece

Super stylist helped me and my team to increase 40% on products sales from the first month.

It also helped to create the foundations for an even more professional approach to hairdressing. Most importantly, Super Stylist was a fun experience for all of us!

– Thomas Regensburg, Germany

I just wanted to share our last years growth even with Covid.

Our ticket per visit went up 10%, Our retail ticket went up 8%, Our service ticket went up 10%

Thanks Antony!

– Stacey Pennsylvania, US

This course has not only reenergised me as an owner but it has bought my team to life! I can not thank you enough.

Our sales and team continue to grow at rapid speeds – I'm so excited to finally have the tools I need to stretch myself and grow my team.

– Natalie Sydney, Australia

We are loving this course!! We are only up to module 3 but our team are feeling super inspired and motivated.

We had our best week of 2020 last week with increased client rebooking and average spend! Thank you.

– Lisa Carr Michigan, US

Here is my stylists result from the first day after Super Stylist! 36.48% retails to service, 83.33% of guests taking retail home, over $200 in retails sales in one day!

This is fantastic! Our salon as a whole had over 29% retails to service yesterday! Thank you for all you do to grow our team!

– Clive Sydney, Australia

We increased our average bill by $33.90 per client! Our pre-bookings went from 44% to 79%

We increased the number of clients buying retail during visits from 5% to 24%


Course 1 Pay
The price shown is in USD, once you click ‘Enrol Now' it will automatically show in your local currency on the enrolment page.
Pay in 1 payment
Course 3 Pay
$249 x 3
The price shown is in USD, once you click ‘Enrol Now' it will automatically show in your local currency on the enrolment page.
Pay in 3 payments spread the cost over three months ($249 per month)

Want to use your JPMS Pro Rewards Points to purchase? Find out how?

– A note from Antony

I can’t wait for you to join the super stylist course

I created this course because I’m passionate about helping salon owners and stylists develop their careers and lives. Once you learn the craft, there’s a massive knowledge gap around how to turn your skills into profit.

Super Stylist demystifies the business side of hairdressing, teaching you the communication tools and systems to become a successful and well-rewarded hairdresser. Think of it as a “personal business development program” specifically for hairdressers.

And while the course does that, it’s become about so much more. It’s about finding out who you are, having a dream and acting on it, having fun, working shoulder to shoulder with friends, finding your passion, having more freedom over your working hours – and, of course, making money and living the lifestyle you want.

Super Stylist is a course that teaches hairdressers the “foundations for business success” – practical advice that’s taken me an entire career to perfect!

See you on the inside,


Frequently asked questions

Does it work?

After doing variations of this course for the last 20 years, with thousands of attendees having gone through it. I know that if you put in the work you WILL get results.

Is the course all online?

Yes! The Super Stylist course is a pre-recorded course made up of 9 modules with a total of 33 videos [ranging from 10 mins to 35 minutes]

Can I use my John Paul Mitchell Systems Perks Points to purchase?

Yes! If you are based in the US or Canada head on over to the Perks Program on Paulmitchellpro.com where you can find out more and purchase your GROW Bucks to put towards any of our courses, coaching or books.

I prefer live seminars so that I can engage and ask questions how do I ask questions during this course?

An essential component of this course is the comments section located directly underneath every video lesson, here you and your whole team can ask questions and receive feedback from Antony as well as share wins and support and engage with other course members.


Courses are motivational, but often the results don't have longevity. How is this different?

I agree that's often the case, one of the reasons is you go to a seminar leave all pumped up and within a week it's back to business as usual. The advantage of this course is that you own it and can review it again and again. Secondly, there's a lot of content in this course that deals with having the right mindset, when you can change how someone ‘Shows up' every day you change the results long term.

Do my team have access to the course?

Yes, the intention is that you give your team members access via their own unique login/seat. Each unique login is an additional US$25. This then enables the individual to access the course on any device at any time for 12 months. It also enables you to monitor their progress.

As the owner of the Super Stylist Course you have the ability to purchase additional seats at any time in the future as you onboard new team members that you wish to put through the program.

What is the process for giving multiple users access?

The owner of the course is given their own team dashboard where they can add as many salon team members as they like at any time for an additional US$25 each.

The dashboard also allows the salon owner/manager the opportunity to view their teams progress throughout the course, view their assessment results and reset passwords.

Do all my team have to work through it at the same time?

No! You don’t have to get your team altogether at the same time! You could if you wanted to and I think that there is a benefit to having a group of people go through it together as they can discuss the learnings and even role play if they wish to as they work through the content and discuss what is and isn’t working for them.

The course is made up of 33 videos plus a 70 page workbook and can be done at any time, I suggest that people spread it out over a few weeks so that they can integrate and try out ideas as they go as opposed to binge watch.

The other advantage is that as it's video which you own [as opposed to attending a 1 day course that you forget] you can revisit any section to review as many times as you wish.

Also, when new staff members join they would work through the program [probably on their own] so that they are aware of the salon culture and standards in these areas.

If my team work through it individually how do I monitor their progress?

In the course workbook and the downloads section there is a calendar to fill out manually to track your progress as you work through the course.

At the end of every video [33 videos in total] there is a summary section and a series of action steps to implement followed by a short assessment to see how much information is retained.

There is also a series of graphs in the workbook for individuals to manually track their productivity as they work through the program.

The course owner will have access to their own team dashboard where they can view all of their team members progress and assessments throughout the course.

Should they all print out the workbook?

The answer is in the name ‘Workbook” I totally recommend that you do print out the workbook and complete the exercises within it as you go in order to get the most out of it. We also offer a digital workbook.

How long will it take to work my way through the course?

The course is made up of 9 modules which contain 33 videos in total. The shortest video is 10 minutes and the longest 35 minutes. In total there is over 10 hours of video content.

At the end of every video is a summary and action steps which are meant to be completed before you watch the next video. In theory you could ‘binge’ watch the whole program but I highly recommend that you don’t do that but instead work through one module at a time and implement the content as you go.

My recommendation is that you do at least 1 module each week, so that the entire course is completed in 9 weeks. However I also fully respect that you will adapt the time frame based on your experience level and whether you are doing it as part of a group or alone.

Is the course relevant to colourists, barbers and beauty therapists?

Yes! I use the term ‘stylist’ very loosely. The course is aimed at anyone in the hair and beauty business. Whether you are a colourist, hair stylist, barber or even beauty therapist you still rebook, retail, generate referrals, sell an experience and build relationships and do consultations etc.

Is the course content drip fed?

No! The entire course content is available immediately to you upon joining. Occasionally course bonuses may be added in at a later date at no charge.

Do I have to do anything techie?

No! Once you register you will be emailed your login details and after that point it's essentially playing videos. Everything that you need is in the course platform once you've logged in you're good to go.

Is it a monthly membership payment?

No! You can choose to purchase the course with 1 payment  or 3 monthly instalments. There are no additional payments unless you want to purchase additional seats.

Can I share the cost with another salon?

No! The cost of the course isn't able to be split between different salons. The only exception is if you own more than one salon then the course can be shared amongst your different locations in-line with the number of participants that you purchased in the course package.

What’s the refund policy if I am not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied you have 14 days from the date of purchase to email us and request a refund.

I’m not in the UK or the US will it benefit me?

Yes! I have worked in over 50 countries and I can confidently say that the contents of this course are not country specific. As with everything I encourage everyone to always adapt the content and the ideas to suit their own culture, target market and goals and ambitions.

Are there any hair cuts and colours demonstrated in the course?

There aren't any haircuts and colours demonstrated in the Super Stylist course. This course is not about the technical and creative side of what makes you a successful stylist, it is about the people and communication skills needed to succeed.

I have a franchise will your approach be a fit with our systems?

Yes! The course content is totally adaptable to suit your business systems however I always suggest that you adapt everything to suit your business model, target market and your own goals and ambitions.

Is it the same as the Super Stylist book and seminar?

The Super Stylist book and the 1 day seminar is the inspiration for the online course but there is way more content in the online course so whilst some of it may be familiar there is a lot of new content that goes into a lot more depth and detail.

I’m already successful will it benefit me?

Yes! My belief is that we all never stop learning. No matter at what stage of your career you are at there will always be something here that is relevant to your professional growth.

Is it too advanced for beauty school students?

I believe that this will set people up from the beginning to be the best possible version of themselves regardless of what stage of their career they are at.

Is it too simplistic for me I have been in the industry 25+ years?

The secret to success is always about having strong fundamentals whether it is in cutting and colouring skills or in communication skills. Regardless of how long you have been in the industry revisiting fundamentals is always a way to strengthen our knowledge and improve our results.

I have a hairdressing school what is the pricing model for schools?

Please get in touch with melinda@growmysalonbusiness with details of how many colleges and how many students.

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