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We help you
fall in love with the
numbers in your business

We make numbers understandable for creative people, showing real examples of how small yet significant improvements can lead to monumental results.

The ‘Money’ course is like a practical MBA designed for the hair and beauty industry. We fundamentally change the way you look at the numbers in your business and what you can do to create positive change.

By the end of the
Money course,
you’ll have a…

Better understanding of the numbers that matter

Numbers are a language of their own, and they tell you whether you are winning or losing at the game of business. If you don’t understand the ‘scoreboard’ you will not win the game.

Establish benchmarks for your business

Benchmarks are just a way of making sense of the numbers. Learn to understand the benchmarks and then you are in a position to create positive change. 

Practical and realistic strategies to reduce outgoings

Your business is like a game, and like every game not everyone can be a winner. Learning to win the game of business is finding the balance between increasing the income and managing the outgoings.

A good understanding of the 3 main financial reports 

There are 3 basic reports that a small business needs to keep track of it’s finances; the balance sheet, the cash flow statement, and the profit and loss statement

Strategies for managing employee costs 

The single biggest overhead in a hair salon is the employee costs. Get it wrong and it will destroy any chance of making a profit. Get it right and it’s a win:win for all concerned.

Know how to work out your pricing for profit

Having an understanding of how to price your services correctly is an essential component of running a profitable business.  

Understand how to set up and use a cashflow budget

Money is constantly in motion and without a cashflow budget it’s easy to run out of money before you’ve run out of month. Having a cashflow budget keeps you on track prevents unnecessary surprises. 

Productivity systems

Your business is a collection of systems. Learn how to establish and manage the productivity of the business and the individuals who work in it.  

You’ll get value from
this if you’re…

A salon owner or manager that recognises that what is holding most businesses back is a lack of financial literacy, meaning that it’s a lack of understanding of how a business works from a financial perspective that holds most businesses back.

Learning to understand the numbers in business and how you can impact them positively is the key to financial success. 

This entire course is aimed at improving your financial literacy and putting the systems and processes in place that will put you and your business on the fast track to success.

The Money Course will change your life if you’re a…

Salon owner or manager who recognises that putting the right steps in the right order can transform your business. Our step by step approach helps you build a solid financial foundation, and real examples of how to make small yet significant improvements that can lead to monumental results where growth becomes predictable.

What's Inside

Training modules packed with advice
Access hours of video tutorials walking you through step-by-step frameworks for each topic along with key points and action steps.

Workbook to take action from day one
Turn theory into action with a workbook where you can practice what you’re learning. This is your key to making lasting changes from day one.

Course calendar to keep up momentum
Keep track of your learning, get a bird’s eye view of what you’ve covered so far, and stay engaged as you work through the course.

Connect with a supportive community
Access a private Facebook community and share advice with other salon owners and managers who are working through the program at the same time as you.

LIVE group coaching with Antony
Join me for 4x FREE one-hour group coaching sessions to troubleshoot and gain clarity. Calls are recorded in case you miss the live Q&A.

You’ll get lifetime access to the course materials and can walk through them at your own pace – no subscription required!

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