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If you’re already great with hair but don’t have the confidence or business education to run your own salon, the Grow series of books will give a step-by-step guide to developing the missing skills you need to succeed.

Easy to read and highly applicable for anyone who works in the hair and beauty industry – whether you own a salon, run a barber shop or have just landed your first job behind the chair, there’s something here for you.

– Grow set

Complete Collection

Now in their third edition, the Grow books are worldwide bestsellers that are packed with insights and ideas for salon owners and stylists. Own the complete set of four books.
– Grow 1

Super Stylist

GROW 1 ‘Super Stylist’ is aimed at everyone in the hair and beauty business whether you’re an assistant, receptionist, stylist or owner/manager. Learn how to take ownership of your own time and practical advice for being more productive.
Take a peek inside
– Grow 2


GROW 2 ‘Management’ teaches the steps and systems you need to develop as a leader/manager. Get organised and create the structure to “step back” from the business, see the bigger picture and gain clarity around your vision.
Take a peek inside
– Grow 3


GROW 3 ‘Team’ is about realising you can’t do it alone. In order to succeed, you’ll need to build a team of people who share your values and buy into your vision for the business – only when you have that can you truly succeed.
Take a peek inside
– Grow 4


GROW 4 ‘Marketing’ is about turning your business into a brand. As an owner/manager, you’ll learn processes and systems to attract more clients, turn them into regulars and keep them as long as possible. This book gives you the tools to do exactly that.
Take a peek inside


– Vidal Sassoon CBE
GROW 1 Super Stylist

Thoughtfully innovative and a lesson in communicative skills, keep it close by.

– Clive Allwright Australia

Your books and inspirational emails actually saved our business.. Both Kelly and I, whole heartedly would recommend any hairdressing salon (Big or small) anywhere in the world. To take the time to read or listen to the series of GROW books.

Thanks a million Antony.

– Mark Hayes Vidal Sassoon International Creative Director
GROW 2 Management

Antony’s ebullient personality leaps off every page, his narrative crackles with energy and the information is delivered with wit and wisdom. If you only buy one management book this year make it this!

– Michael Belcastro Australia
GROW 1 Super Stylist

I’ve just had an apprentice start with me three months ago so I decided to purchase this book as a Christmas present for her. Never too early to getting on the right track in their career.
I’ve purchased this book for every other stylist in my team over the years and have all given positive feedback.

– Anthony Mascolo TIGI International Creative Director
GROW 3 Team

My journey in hairdressing has been incredible. Right from the beginning I knew that you couldn’t do it alone, you need to build a team around you and that has always been at the centre of our success. Antony’s book ‘GROW 3 TEAM’ is full of great ideas and relevant advice. Read it and live it

– Emily Eliades Hairem Scarem Salon Victoria Australia
GROW 3 Team

This book is a great tool for helping you to understand, the power of positive and constructive feedback. How to connect and get the best out of a team. I believe that the best part of this process and to which the book takes you through step by step is doing this WITH your team.

You cant do it alone, Antony guides us yet again.

Trust me, take on this book your team in any INDUSTRY will never be the same!

– Claire Killick
GROW 1 Super Stylist

Life changing and my daily inspiration. Thank you always

– Robert Cromeans Global Artistic Director of John Paul Mitchell Systems
GROW 4 Marketing

Antony, you my friend are Santa Claus on steroids!

This book is full of enlightening gifts. It's the smartest, hairdresser compatible, business book I have read. To all the beautiful hairdressers of the world…. This book is a must-have for you and your team!

– Kristian brown Australia
GROW 1 Super Stylist

This book is a wealth of practical knowledge, quite simply It WORKS!
After 26 years of hairdressing, every time my salon isn’t performing The way I want, I read this book and somehow I’m instantly re focused and things are back on track .
It’s a must have for any stylist, colourist or salon owner

– Heath Lavingdale Feel Hairdressers London

I can’t recommend all of Antonys books enough. Really interesting and great approach for stylists and owners at all levels. These books will make a real difference to any business.

– Winn Claybaugh Dean & Cofounder of Paul Mitchell Schools and Author of Be Nice (Or Else!)
GROW 2 Management

Recession or no recession, if your business is failing, it’s your fault. It’s your job to know. No compromise. Antony's book, ‘Grow Management’, allows you to act now. Get busy now. Accept full responsibility now.

I have witnessed firsthand how Antony's simple, back-to-basics approach has helped educate our industry on the business skills needed to run a successful, profitable business. With Antony's tutoring, people seem to get it!”

– Sandra Schaper-Smith
GROW 1 Super Stylist

This book gave me insight to some small and not so small details I had been missing. Easy to read, so informative. I highly recommend.

– Trevor Sorbie MBE London
GROW 1 Super Stylist

Any serious hairdresser should read this book. There are no secrets just pure common sense that if applied to your everyday working life could make you successful, not just in hairdressing but in any career.

– Sarah Connelly
GROW 2 Management

An easy to read, well laid out guide to being the manager of the business you really want. Everything is relatable and there are steps to follow to begin being a real manager and leader. I’ve folded down many page corners and reference back frequently. Add this book to your tool belt. Highly recommended.

– David Adams New York
GROW 3 Team

Filled with simple, powerful and easy to implement ideas, this book is a “must-read” for any salon owner, manager or leader seeking to improve teamwork and overall performance in their salon.

– Vivienne Mackinder Founder of HairDesignerTV
GROW 1 Super Stylist

The word says it all ”Grow”!!!!!   In his new book “Grow”, Antony Whitaker shows us how to reach beyond where you are today for a more successful tomorrow.  “Grow” is entertaining and informative, a practical guide to navigating the road to success, showing the reader how to get rid of any roadblocks along the way. Talents may be given, but success has to be earned and being a great stylist is more than cutting a straight line. The most challenging and longest journey is not our dexterity skills it's the journey from the mind to the hands… Antony shows us how to GROW.

– Michael Van Clarke Michael Van Clarke Salon London
GROW 2 Management

Another gem of a book from Antony Whitaker; full of valuable insights and practical solutions.

– David Wagner Owner/Daymaker Juut Salonspas and best selling author of “Life as a Daymaker”
GROW 3 Team

Being a Daymaker for your clients is a natural, being a Daymaker for your team mates is where the magic lives. To see how making a co-workers day can create a ripple of love and joy in the work place is truly remarkable. Antony's book is a prescription for magic as a team”

– Frank Gambuzza President Intercoiffure America/Canada Founder, The Visage Group
GROW 4 Marketing

The information in GROW 4 is not only on point, it is ‘rightsized’ for market leader salons in today’s fast changing salon landscape. Antony’s appetite for the business side of beauty remains undiminished, may it continue to GROW 5!”

– Simon Ellis International Creative Director Schwarzkopf Professional Hamburg
GROW 2 Management

He has done it again! Yet another book in the ‘must have’ Grow series. Packed full of practical lessons on how to develop and most importantly succeed in this highly competitive industry!”

– Andrew Jose Andrew Jose Salon London
GROW 1 Super Stylist

I have ordered 30 copies of this book, one for every person on my team, and I will also give one to all future employees… this is absolutely the best guide I have ever read about what it takes to be a truly successful salon stylist.”

– Emily Eliades Hairem Scarem Salon Victoria Australia
GROW 2 Management

The subtitle says it all, Lead, Follow or get out of the way!

This book gives great, simple easy advice on how to navigate working on your Vision and Mission statements, Introduce you to systems and how you can get started on them straight away. How to delegate, manage your time, how and when to conduct meetings, The best thing about this book was the slap you in the face checklists at the end of each chapter. Simple, straight to the point.

A necessity for any salon or manager to start working on your business!

– Helen Meek Teaching fellow, Department of Marketing, Lancaster University
GROW 4 Marketing

I must congratulate Antony on producing such a practical and insightful marketing book that is perfectly tailored to the needs salon owners and managers. The hair and beauty business is continually changing and facing new , and often surprising challenges. Antony’s book will help managers/owners to adapt and capitalise on these opportunities, whilst also minimising the threats. This book is jam packed with practical real world ideas and advice to help attract new clients, whilst retaining existing ones.

– Oscar Bond New York
GROW 2 Mangement

If I had read Antony's book ‘GROW Management' 20 years ago it would have saved me years of having to learn the essential salon management skills the hard way!

This is a book full of management gems to help you become the success you deserve to be. Essential reading for everyone who owns or manages a salon.

– Jennifer Cheyne Cheynes Hairdressing & Cheynes Training  Scotland, UK.
GROW 3 Team

When reading Antony's book, I felt he had looked inside my head, as his words are everything I believe in. The philosophies and values are exactly the same as I teach my team and to hear it from Antony is exciting and motivating. I believe I have the best team in the world! Follow this book ‘Grow 3 Team' and you will have the best team too!

– Simon Giamattei Marc Antoni Hair Salons
GROW 3 Team

Within the Marc Antoni salon group we have always strived to build a strong team culture. The importance of a clear structure and systems that get people to buy into our team vision and identity are essential to our success. Antony’s experience brings a unique hairdressers perspective in ‘GROW 3 TEAM’ which makes it essential reading for salon owners everywhere.

– Emily Eliades Hairem Scarem Victoria Australia
GROW 4 Marketing

This is a great book. I want to share, a couple of my fav sayings in this book.

“Its not just about getting more in the bucket, sometimes its about fixing the hole first.” “No amount of training and systems manuals can replace common sense, initiative, personal service and having someone who genuinely cares.”

I found out that I could do all this marketing but if I didn't have the right people or the stylists trained enough or their understanding of our salons values, expectations, mission, vision and visa versa. There was no point may as well just put that money down the toilet! Thank you Antony this is a great eye opener, motivator and refresher!


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