Just start!

22 June 2021


We all have people we admire for their ability to do something well but it's worth remembering that there was always a point in time when they were only as good as you are now. What sets them apart is that they made a decision to master that skill and committed to making it happen. That is what you have to do….. just start! And just by starting you are way ahead of most people who lack the courage to even try!

Focus on the process and the results will come.

15 June 2021


Having goals is important but having goals on their own won't guarantee the results.

If you want to increase the likelihood of getting the results you want, then start focussing on the processes involved and trust that the results will come!

Make me feel important!

8 June 2021

Having the ability to make someone feel like they are the only one in the room is a very important skill to develop as hairdressers. We want our clients to feel important, that we don't take them for granted and that we are 100% focused on them.

How good does it make you feel when someone blows you away with their friendliness and service?

Check out these top tips that will help you ensure that every client who walks in your door feels important and that you are completely focused on them.

Do you want more?

1 June 2021


Most people want more but if you ask them what they are doing to learn how to get more, most people are doing very little, if anything at all.

What are you doing to get a different outcome? Most people spend more time planning for their summer holiday than their life but if you want something different to happen it's all down to YOU!

YOU are your greatest asset so it's important to spend time planning what you need to do and developing yourself so you get more as a result. Here are some practical tips on how to get started.

5 steps to improve Client Retention

25 May 2021

The secret to long term success is client retention. If we worked as hard at keeping the clients we have, as we do at attracting new clients, then perhaps we wouldn't need as many new clients? Keeping existing clients really is the secret to long-term success!

Here are 5 steps to help you ensure you keep your clients as long as possible!

Give them a reason to prebook

18 May 2021

What’s your average bill?

11 May 2021

What are the little things that will set you apart?

4 May 2021




One client at a time

21 April 2021



Coronavirus re-opening checklist.

4 May 2020

In many countries and states, we are already starting to see a gradual lifting of restrictions and re-opening of salons. 

As salons prepare to re-open and stylists get ready to return there will be new safety guidelines that we must follow for the health and safety of our team and our clients. 

I also believe that it is inevitable that there will be more checks by health department officials and if you do not follow the guidelines you may risk being closed immediately by public health officials.

The laws will vary from country to country and even state to state, so it is essential that as salon owners you take your responsibility seriously and comply with your country, local or state guidelines. 

Unfortunately because of the environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are protocols around hygiene and sanitation that will require stylists and clients to be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) including face masks and gloves.

These new protocols need to be thought through and written and communicated with the clients and the team before re-opening.

New best practice sanitation standards need to be implemented. Policies and Procedures must be developed and written and management must ensure consistent follow-through. 

Some of these practices may be a temporary measure until a vaccine is found and the pandemic is officially over. Other practices will be the new normal way of salons going about business. 

The following checklist is divided up into 6 sections. 

  1. Pre-open day
  2. The physical salon space
  3. The salon marketing strategy
  4. Health and safety best practice
  5. The team experience 
  6. The client experience

Remember, “The most powerful resource we have is the potential of the human imagination. We are creative and now is the time to get creative and look for creative solutions. Now is the time to re-set, to redefine and reimagine the business of the future”. 

Stay safe.


You can download the ‘The salon owners re-opening checklist' HERE

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