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GROW 4 Marketing

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GROW 4: ‘Marketing’ is about understanding that as an Owner/Manager, ultimately, your job is about developing a brand and the processes and systems needed to attract more clients, turn them into regulars and keep them as long as possible. This book gives you the tools and understanding needed to do that.

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‘Business owners are in the business of marketing their business – nothing else.’ That’s what this book is about. This book is about you, and one of your many roles as the owner of a business, the role of ‘marketer’


Reviews for GROW 4 Marketing

“The information in GROW 4 is not only on point, it is ‘rightsized' for market leader salons in today's fast changing salon landscape. Antony's appetite for the business side of beauty remains undiminished, may it continue to GROW 5!”

Frank Gambuzza, President Intercoiffure America/Canada. Founder, The Visage Group


“Antony, you my friend are Santa Claus on steroids! This book is full of enlightening gifts. It's the smartest, hairdresser compatible, business book I have ever read. To all the beautiful hairdressers in the world….. This book is a must-have for you and your business!

Robert Cromeans, Global Artistic director of John Paul Mitchell Systems


“I must congratulate Antony on producing such a practical and insightful marketing book that is perfectly tailored to the needs of salon owners and managers. The hair and beauty business is continually changing and facing new, and often surprising challenges. Antony's book will help managers/owners to adapt and capitalise on these opportunities, whilst also minimising the threats. This book is jam packed with practical real world ideas and advice to help attract new clients, whilst retaining existing ones.”

Helen Meek, Teaching Fellow, Department of Marketing, Lancaster University

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