GROW 2 Management

GROW 2 Management


GROW 2: ‘Management’. The second book in the GROW series focuses on the steps needed to develop as a leader and manager. A business is a reflection of its management team and in order for the business to GROW it starts with the salon management getting clarity and getting organised.

This book gives you the understanding and the steps needed to develop management systems that create a business that isn’t ‘a part of you’ but a business ‘that is apart from you’.

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Good management is about having positive control or influence over people, things, processes and outcomes. It's about getting results through structure, systems and other people. What managers do is grow people! That's exciting and rewarding but challenging and frustrating. This book is about understanding and refining that process by developing our leadership and management skills.

Reviews for GROW 2 Management

“If you only buy one management book this year make it this!”

 Mark Hayes, Vidal Sassoon International Creative director, London


“Another gem of a book from Antony Whitaker; full of valuable insights and practical solutions.”

Michael Van Clarke, London


“Recession or no recession, if your business is failing, it's your fault. It's your job to know. Antony's book, ‘Grow management', allows you to act now. Accept full responsibility now. I have witnessed firsthand how Antony's simple, back to basics approach has helped educate our industry on the business skills needed to run a successful, profitable business. With Antony's tutoring people seem to get it!”

Winn Claybaugh, Dean and Cofounder of Paul Mitchell schools and Author of ‘Be nice (or else!), California


“If I had read Antony's book ‘Grow Management' 20 years ago it would have saved me years of having to learn the essential salon management skills the hard way! This book is full of gems to help you become the sucess you deserve to be. Essential reading for everyone who owns or manages a salon”

Oscar Bond, New York


“He has done it again! Yet another book in the ‘must have' Grow series. Packed full of practical lessons on how to develop and most importantly suceed in this highly competitive industry!”

Simon Ellis, International creative director Schwarzkopf Professional, Hamburg


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