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GROW 3 Team

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GROW 3: ‘Team’ is about understanding that you can’t do it alone, and in order to succeed, you need to build a team of people that share your values and buy into the vision for the business; only when you have that can you truly succeed.


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Your team is your business and your success revolves around how well you build a championship team and overcome the many challenges along the way. This book is for Owner/Managers and is about addressing those challenges.


Reviews for GROW 3 Team

“My journey in hairdressing has been incredible. Right from the beginning, I knew that you couldn’t do it alone, you need to build a team around you and that has always been at the centre of our success. Antony’s book ‘GROW 3 TEAM’ is full of great ideas and relevant advice. Read it and live it”

Anthony Mascolo, TIGI International Creative Director, UK


“Filled with simple, powerful and easy to implement ideas, this book is a “must-read” for any salon owner, manager or leader seeking to improve teamwork and overall performance in their salon.”

David Adams, Red Chocolate, USA


“When reading Antony’s book, I felt he had looked inside my head, as his words are everything I believe in. The philosophies and values are exactly the same as I teach my team and to hear it from Antony is exciting and motivating. I believe I have the best team in the world! Follow this book ‘Grow 3 Team’ and you will have the best team too!”

Jennifer Cheyne, Chairman, Cheynes Hairdressing & Cheynes Training, Scotland, UK


“Being a Daymaker for your clients is a natural, being a Daymaker for your team mates is where the magic lives. To see how making a co-workers day can create a ripple of love and joy in the work place is truly remarkable. Antony’s book is a prescription for magic as a team”

David Wagner, Owner/Daymaker Juut Salonspas and best selling author of “Life as a Daymaker”, USA


“Within the Marc Antoni salon group we have always strived to build a strong team culture. The importance of a clear structure and systems that get people to buy into our team vision and identity are essential to our success. Antony’s experience brings a unique hairdressers perspective in ‘GROW 3 TEAM’ which makes it essential reading for salon owners everywhere.”

Simon Giamattei, Partner Marc Antoni Hair Salons, UK

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