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GROW 1 ‘Super Stylist’ is aimed at everyone in the hair and beauty business whether an assistant, receptionist, stylist or owner/manager there is something here for everyone. The key message is simply about taking ownership of your own productivity and then providing the information to make that happen. 


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This is a straightforward, no-nonsense challenging account of what it takes to be really productive, if you put these tools into action then it’s going to make a difference. These pages hold the key to making you more successful and if you’re a business owner, then this book will be an invaluable tool in helping develop a team of highly productive individuals. In hairdressing terms, I call them “Super Stylists” because they are the people that refuse to be average. Every business needs a “Super” something, you just have to know how to grow your own.


This is a very personal book, the tools found here are illustrated and supported with my personal journey because I’m passionate about what I do; I’ve been doing it a long time and what I talk about works. This book is about challenging your thinking and inspiring (perhaps provoking) you into action. This book’s point of difference is that it’s not about theory, it’s not a dry textbook devoid of emotion. It’s a very real account of what works.

Testimonials for GROW 1 SuperStylist

 “Thoughtfully innovative and a lesson in communicative skills, keep it close by”

Vidal Sassoon CBE


“Any serious hairdresser should read this book. There are no secrets, just pure common sense that if applied to your everyday working life could make you successful, not just in hairdressing but in any career.”

Trevor Sorbie MBE


“Inspiring and interesting read. Extremely helpful for anyone looking to achieve a successful career in the hairdressing industry”

Toni Mascolo OBE, Toni & Guy, London


“I believe passionately in education. I love to see young people consumed with the creative aspects of fashion and beauty. GROW is a real and passionate account of what it takes to succeed as the complete salon stylist”

Tim Hartley, London


” I have ordered 30 copies of this book, one for every person on my team, and I will also give one to all future employees… this is absolutely the best guide I have ever read about what it takes to be a truly successful salon stylist”

Andrew Jose, London

9 reviews for GROW 1 Super Stylist

  1. Bulent Dogan

    Antony has wrote a book exactly what salons need and his personality makes this book more enjoyable. I believe over 80% of salons lack the knowledge how to manage salons and their stylists this book is just perfect for focusing us forward for what we should do.

  2. Michael Belcastro (verified owner)

    I’ve just had an apprentice start with me three months ago so I decided to purchase this book as a Christmas present for her. Never too early to getting on the right track in their career.
    I’ve purchased this book for every other stylist in my team over the years and have all given positive feedback.

  3. Heath Lavingdale (verified owner)

    I can’t recommend all of Anthonys books enough. Really interesting and great approach for stylists and owners at all levels.
    These books will make a real difference to any business.

  4. Vince (verified owner)

    This book changed my thoughts on what it is to be a hairdresser, and helped take my career to the next level.
    I am now in sales and I direct all the salons I look after to this site.
    Thank you.

  5. Katie Chapman (verified owner)

    The way it’s written is perfect for learning and making notes. Really interesting and has made me look at things very differently 🙂

  6. Kristian Brown (verified owner)

    After having the book for 10 years, i thought I would buy the audio and listen to it on the go, After my first listen, I was surprised to hear so many of my daily habits as a hairdresser, like rebooking clients for example, that had come from reading this the first time..
    However there’s a few more ideas I haven’t applied yet and when I do, I’ll buy the next audiobook ?

  7. Kristian Brown

    This book is a wealth of practical knowledge, quite simply It WORKS!
    After 26 years of hairdressing, every time my salon isn’t performing The way I want, I read this book and somehow I’m instantly re focused and things are back on track .
    It’s a must have for any stylist, colourist or salon owner
    Kristian brown
    Salonbrown Australia

  8. Sandra Schaper-Smith

    This book gave me insight to some small and not so small details I had been missing. Easy to read, so informative. I highly recommend.
    Sandra Schaper-Smith

  9. Claire Killick

    Life changing and my daily inspiration
    Thank you always

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