Episode 135

Antony Whitaker

Podcast Length: | Date Published: 5th April 2022

The Art of Consultations with Antony Whitaker

Every relationship that you develop with a client starts with a consultation, and there are many different ways a consultation can be done.

I know hairdressers that take up to 30 minutes to do an in-depth thorough consultation, while others say something like, “So what are we doing today?” to a fully gowned-up client with dripping wet hair a split second before they start cutting. 

The way you begin your consultations (with both new and returning clients) either opens up possibilities and opportunities, or it shuts them down. 

Tune in today to hear my advice on how to conduct a very important part of your business! 

In this Episode:

[03:32] Some of the many variables that are at play during a consultation.

[05:42] How you should approach situations where you are running late, and how to approach situations where your client is running late.

[06:45] Why your personal appearance matters during a consultation session.

[07:25] The enormous power of a smile and good manners.

[11:38] How you can use body language and eye contact to make clients feel more comfortable.

[13:18] A general question to help you improve the question that you ask at the beginning of a consultation.

[17:23] Examples of questions that I would and would not recommend asking a new client during a consultation.

[22:10] The importance of listening to your clients, and being honest with them.  

[25:14] Why I suggest avoiding technical jargon, and some approaches you can use to get your point across instead.

[26:13] How to handle consultations with returning clients.


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