Episode 003

Gordon Miller

Podcast Length: 34:28 | Date Published: 26th March 2018

My guest today is Gordon Miller C.E.O of Hairbrained.

Gordon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to us today acquired over the last 40 odd years working primarily in the education and media side of the hair and beauty industry, he is a passionate advocate and embracer of all things digital and today that is where we will focus.

In todays podcast the focus is on digital disruption and the four key areas we discuss are:

1. The new channel for professional product distribution being Amazon (primarily at this point in time mainly in the United States)

2. What is the impact and future impact on the salon industry?

3. How some manufacturers are approaching the Amazon model in a positive way for both clients and salons.

4. What are 3 things a salon owner should do to capitalise on the in-salon take home opportunity.  

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