Episode 124

Victoria Tarrant

Podcast Length: | Date Published: 18th January 2022

A Solution to a Salon Industry Problem, Minimising Waste With Victoria Tarrant of SmartMix.

The fact that you are listening to this means that you are probably a salon owner and therefore could probably be loosely described as an entrepreneur. 

And if you are a regular listener, you’ve probably gathered that I love nothing more than a good entrepreneurial story where we get an insight and an understanding into the highs and lows of what it takes each of us on our unique journey to turn the dream into reality. 

Because when we share our dream and the journey we take, it gives others the inspiration and courage to pursue their dream too.

My guest on this episode is Victoria Tarrant a hairdresser who has a dream to solve a problem that exists in every salon, and that is addressing the issue of colour wastage and everything surrounding that from the impact that has on salon profits to correct pricing of colour services, the environmental impact waste has and efficient inventory management.  

In this episode we discuss:

  • What exactly is ‘SmartMix’?
  • How it differs from competing brands
  • The journey Victoria has taken to get it to the point it’s at …

And lots more!

In this Episode:

[02:40] Victoria shares the origins of her hairdressing career and an overview of what her journey has looked like since.

[05:07] The issue that inspired Victoria’s app, SmartMix, and how her idea evolved over time. 

[09:00] Jerry Rihll; the influential role that he has played in the success of SmartMix.  

[14:40] Competition in the colour mixing space, and what makes SmartMix stand out.

[18:23] How Victoria funded SmartMix, and the process she went through to develop the app. 

[23:36] Pushback that Victoria received from stylists when SmartMix was launched, and how the app won them over. 

[27:34] A rundown of how to use the SmartMix app. 

[34:15] The charitable element that Victoria hopes to link to SmartMix.

[36:04] An experiment: the amount of colour waste that Victoria accumulated in the space of 38 weeks.

[37:50] The reporting system that encourages stylists to use the SmartMix app, and what Victoria found to be the most powerful incentive. 

[41:23] How stylists access the SmartMix app, and the other systems that it is linked to. 

[45:41] Plans that Victoria has for the future of SmartMix. 

[48:51] Characteristics that Victoria has which have helped her succeed. 

[50:38] Two valuable pieces of advice from Victoria for any aspiring entrepreneurs. 


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Special thanks to Victoria for sharing her story with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!



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