Episode 082

Tom Bentley-Taylor

Podcast Length: 58 mins | Date Published: 23rd March 2021

I am a great believer in using technology to help you succeed in business, unfortunately, though the hairdressing industry is sometimes slow in embracing technology to help them be more successful.

From a salon owners point of view, it’s important to maximise efficiency in every area of the business and to use technology to help your salon run more efficiently and ultimately be more profitable.

My guest on today’s Podcast is Tom Bentley-Taylor, who is VP of sales and partnerships at Vish, which is a colour management software app.

As a former salon owner, if I had a salon today, I would definitely be using colour management software as not only will it save you money, but it will also make you a better colourist.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • What colour management software does and why salons should use it.
  • How the Vish App works and
  • The pricing of hair colour services

And lots more!

In This Episode:

[02:49] Welcome to the show, Tom!

[03:15] Tom shares his background and his journey into the industry.

[06:07] What is Vish, and what do they do?

[08:34] Tom speaks about how he got involved with Vish.

[12:50] Tom explains how Vish adjusts the amount of colour used on any given client.

[14:57] Vish keeps colour incredibly consistent.

[17:31] How do you get around the fact that you might need multiple bowls with multiple colours?

[19:48] Tom discusses how Vish sets a threshold and then for every gram you go over gives an additional charge.

[22:52] After you weigh the colour, what is the next step?

[25:07] Vish is an iPad-based app with a Bluetooth rechargeable scale.

[28:14] In the US, Vish connects to over 200 points of sale systems.

[29:13] Where did the name Vish come from?

[30:10] Tom talks about the analytics involved with Vish.

[33:01] You’ve got waste in your bowl and waste on the head; extra training may be required.

[35:26] Vish is changing the dialogue. It’s the solution to colour waste.

[37:28] Tom shares the financial savings he has seen Vish give back to the salons.

[38:56] Vish can bring the percentage of waste down to about 5%.

[40:39] What is the cost to salons to use Vish?

[44:08] Tom sums up Vish’s point of difference.

[45:35] Tom discusses the challenges he finds when talking about the Vish program with salon owners.

[48:33] There is some fear involved because stylists don’t want to be held accountable for too much waste.

[51:09] Tom speaks about pricing and how commissions should be paid.

[53:12] Does Vish have a way of adjusting the price on a tube of colour?

[55:40] This product is a game-changer when it comes to the product cost.

[57:12] Thank you for being on the show!

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