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I’ve been a hairdresser for almost two decades and have owned my salon for six years. The journey from a small studio to a full-scale salon with employees and renters was exciting but challenging. I quickly realized I needed more than just resilience, I needed a solid strategy for growth. That’s when I found the Salon Management course, and it changed everything.

The course immediately gave me a boost of confidence. Managing a team with diverse personalities and experience levels can be tricky, especially when you’re managing both older and younger stylists. But the course offered practical solutions and a structured approach. It felt like having a rule book that validated my decisions and strategies, which was incredibly reassuring.

I really enjoyed the section on creating a culture and I liked how you broke it down and didn’t over complicate things. As a result we held a meeting where each stylist shared their core values, and we displayed these values around the salon. This simple exercise created a positive environment, boosting team morale and setting a unified vision for the salon.

Organization was another area where the course made a massive difference. It helped me streamline operations and set clear standards for cleanliness and salon etiquette. After losing my business partner, it wasn’t easy for me to step into the role of boss and run something by myself, but the course gave me a blueprint, the tools and the confidence to manage the salon independently.

Outsourcing tasks, such as cleaning and social media management, was another critical takeaway. For example, one of our values is cleanliness, so because this was a constant issue in the salon we defined the standard and then I hired somebody who now comes in 4 times a week to help keep the place clean which was really important to everyone. This allowed me to focus on client services and business growth, making the salon run more smoothly and efficiently.

What I liked most about the management course was how easy the course was to follow. That was something I really enjoyed. I already had my first little one at home. And so to be able to just put headphones in, or if we were driving around, being able to listen to it made it really easy for me.

Another thing that was really helpful for me was having to take notes. I know that everyone learns in different ways, and that some people prefer reading, others writing or listening to something. And so using all of those senses helps lock it down, and then you're more likely to actually implement it. I felt like that was really helpful.

I think that if you are somebody who wants to reach your full potential, then the Management course is definitely worth it. As a hairdresser, I believe in taking advanced color courses and advanced cutting courses, I believe in being the best that you can be at your craft. And once I became a salon owner, it was the same thing. I wanted to be the best at that craft. And salon management was a new craft for me. So finding somebody that you can trust and believe in is huge.

So when I found your platform, I felt very confident that it was going to help me be a better salon owner, which it really has. I really liked just having someone else's perspective on looking at a problem and seeing how to handle something. So the course really helped me see a different perspective and grow.

The return on investment of your time and money is worth it without a doubt, it's like pennies compared to having to go back to college. When I was figuring out how to grow and manage my business, I was really on the fence about whether I should take a course at college or look for other alternatives. However, when I found your Salon Management course, it made more sense to me as it was specific to my niche and not just management theory but taught by somebody who's already been through it.

So, now that I’ve completed the Management course I’m about to start the Money course. The first bread crumb has led me to this next bread crumb. And, I think that's something huge!

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