Episode 151

Ben Brown

Podcast Length: | Date Published: 25th July 2022

Over the last 20 years, salon hair fashion has predominantly been focused on colour and styling, whereas the ’60s to the ’90s were the era of the haircut. 

Many young hairdressers today are terrified about the thought of ‘cutting’ unless it’s taking the ends off long hair and many salon owners say that they just can’t find stylists who have the technical and creative skills to cut hair well.

My guest on today’s Podcast is Ben Brown, who has built a very successful cutting education company and although based in the UK, works in many countries teaching the art and science of what makes a great haircut.

In today’s podcast, we discuss:

  • Why opening a salon isn’t for everyone
  • Starting an online education company
  • Teaching technique and suitability

And lots more!

In this Episode:

[02:37] Ben shares an overview of his personal, educational, and professional life. 

[05:49] The character trait that has been key to Ben’s success. 

[09:02] Ben shares what drew him to hairdressing. 

[12:12] What drove Ben to open his own salon, and then close it after 6 years. 

[21:23] Ben’s top pieces of advice for anyone interested in opening a salon.  

[24:54] Where Ben’s journey as a cutting educator began.

[30:18] The misconception that Ben had about education in the salon industry before he entered the space. 

[33:56] How Ben’s education business is structured. 

[36:41] Factors that Ben believes make someone a good hair cutter.

[39:18] The main goal that Ben aims to achieve through his role as an educator. 

[45:29] Ben’s approach to teaching suitability. 

[02:34] Why current changes taking place in the salon industry aren’t negatively impacting Ben’s company.

[55:52] Advice for finding models on whom to practice cutting short hair. 

[59:52] The multitude of resources offered by Ben’s online education company.  

[1:03:39] Why Ben does what he does. 


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Special thanks to Ben for sharing his insights with me for this week’s episode.

Until next time!



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