Episode 150

Antony Whitaker

Podcast Length: | Date Published: 19th July 2022

What is Freedom and How Do We Balance That with Running a Profitable Business? with Antony Whitaker.

Regardless of what business you are in, the challenge every business owner faces is that of constantly adapting and evolving to the changes in the world we live in.  

Whether it’s the demands for more flexibility from today’s workforce or the pressures of inflation and the rising costs of living and doing business, the fact remains that being in business isn’t easy, and to succeed, you need to constantly evolve.

And therein lies the challenge. How do you build in more freedom, flexibility, and autonomy for your team? 

And how do you balance that with running a viable and profitable business?


In this Episode:

[00:54] Why I recommend watching WeCrashed.

[01:14] The question that inspired today’s episode. 

[02:13] Important realizations that many people have come to as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

[04:08] The tradeoff between income and freedom.

[04:27] Changes that many stylists made to their way of working during the pandemic. 

[05:22] A few different definitions of freedom in relation to the salon industry. 

[08:04] Comparing the trajectory of the salon industry in relation to other industries.

[09:13] The importance of treading cautiously when implementing change. 

[10:27] Factors that make the salon industry ideal for disruption.

[11:19] 30: the number of hours a week being worked by over 60% of hair and beauty professionals in the United States. 

[12:26] The downsides of the proliferation of independent businesses. 

[13:48] An overview of my thoughts on the increasing levels of flexibility and autonomy in the salon industry. 


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