Episode 149

Ian Egerton

Podcast Length: | Date Published: 12th July 2022

How Technology Can Streamline All Your HR Needs with Ian Egerton

As I often say, we are in the ‘people business.’ This means that our primary product is the people who sit in our chairs and the services we offer to make our clients happy. 

But from the salon owners’ perspective, we are also in the ‘people business’ in that because our teams are also our product and our most important asset.

The Human Resource (HR) regulation around employees varies from country to country but no matter where you are listening to this podcast there are almost definitely more complexities around managing your team today than there were 5 years ago. 

And managing those complexities takes time, and time is money. 

My guest on today’s podcast is Ian Egerton, hairdresser, salon owner, and the founder of Loop HR Salon Software. Ian’s software solution makes the HR component not just much easier to manage, but also extremely professional. 

In today’s podcast we will discuss:

  • The role of ‘HR’ in a successful salon
  • The benefits of getting more organised, systemised, and automated when it comes to HR… 

And lots more!


In this Episode:


[02:39] An overview of Ian’s journey from “Saturday boy” in his local salon to the founder of Loop HR.

[08:55] Ian’s approach to business development.

[11:48] Origins of the name Loop HR. 

[14:25] Experiences that motivated Ian to found Loop HR.

[16:24] An explanation of how Loop HR works. 

[24:01] The 4 pillars of business, and where Loop HR fits in amongst them.

[24:52] Elements that make Loop HR unique.

[25:30] Examples of Loop HR in action.

[30:56] How to use Loop HR. 

[32:33] The benefits that Loop HR provides to salon employees.

[37:52] Ian explains how salon owners can integrate Loop HR into their systems (and the assistance that he offers).

[41:15] The 3 subscription-based packages offered by Loop HR.

[43:10] Ian’s greatest joy.  


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Special thanks to Ian for sharing his insights with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!




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