Episode 148

Audra & Todd Wise

Podcast Length: 39 min | Date Published: 5th July 2022

What Does it Take to Bounce Back from COVID (and Everything Else Life Can Throw at You)? 

This week is ‘Part 2’ of the ‘Comeback Stories’ series, where I again talk to a salon owner couple about how they’ve bounced back after a tough couple of years. 

With the challenges that the world is going through at the moment, it’s important to be focusing on the success stories and the opportunities that difficult times can sometimes present.

The last two years have been a testing time for most of us, and my guests today are no exception. Their business and their personal lives have had numerous changes thrust upon them that were beyond their control.  

But despite that, they have come out the other end in good shape we can all learn from their resilience, their willpower, their strength, and their courage in the face of adversity. 

Today I am talking to Todd and Audra Wise from the Color Pop salon in Texas.

In today’s episode we will discuss:

  • Their business journey pre and post covid
  • Dealing with significant personal health challenges
  • Finding balance in both personal and business commitments

And lots more!

In this Episode:

[02:32] A brief overview of what Todd and Audra’s career paths have consisted of to date.

[05:08] Audra explains what motivated her to open her own salon and the shock that she and Todd received 8 months later.

[07:18] Why Todd and Audra didn’t receive financial assistance for their salon, Color Pop, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

[09:46]  The “lean” approach that Audra and Todd adopted to make it through the pandemic.

[12:48] The mindset and support system that helped Audra deal with her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

[19:44] Some of the most important lessons that Audra has learned through the challenges that life has presented her with over the past few years. 

[24:25] The effort that was required on the business side to help Color Pop bounce back.  

[26:22] Changes that Todd and Audra made to their pricing strategy post-COVID.

[27:34] Why Audra and Todd decided not to increase their prices when they reopened after the shutdown.

[28:38] Color Pop’s number one marketing tool. 

[29:38] Some of the innovative marketing initiatives that Todd and Audra have implemented, and how they have helped Color Pop grow. 

[34:04] The philosophy that is foundational to the way Todd lives his life.

[35:59] What Audra sees as her biggest strengths, and the daily practices that help her feel at peace. 

[37:16] Todd and Audra’s plans for the future. 


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Special thanks to Todd and Audra for sharing their story with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!




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