Episode 141

Van Council

Podcast Length: | Date Published: 17th May 2022

There are many qualities to take into consideration if you are going to refer to a salon business as being one of the best in the world’

When it comes to great leadership, a fantastic culture, excellent training, a real career path, great team retention, and consistently having 20% plus in retail and having a very profitable business, there are two salons that really stand out to me.

The first one is JUUT Salons, whose owner, David Wagner, I interviewed on a previous episode. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go back and have a listen. 

The second is Van Michael Salon, and today I’m going to be speaking to Van Council, the founder and co-owner of this incredible business which sets the bar at a level that very few salons can come close to! 

In today’s podcast we will discuss:

  • Adapting your business model to the times
  • The importance of standards, training, systems and exceptional service
  • Lessons in leadership… 

And lots more!


In this Episode:


[04:36] What drew Van to hairdressing, and an overview of his +45 year career in the salon industry (and his experience working in construction).

[13:01] Valuable lessons that Van learnt during the time he spent living in London.

[16:37] Van explains what motivated him to open his own business, Van Michael Salon. 

[20:44] Growth that Van Michael Salon has experienced over the years. 

[25:05] What Van wishes he had known when he co-founded Van Michael Salon.

[27:08] Key elements which have resulted in the very successful expansion of Van Michael Salon. 

[34:48] Examples of the effort that Van puts in to make his salons stand out.

[36:36] Unique features of the Van Michael Salon call centre.

[41:24] Skills that Van drew on when he was working behind the chair, which he is now teaching to his staff. 

[43:31] Van’s thoughts on why Atlanta has a particularly strong salon based business culture in comparison to other areas.

[45:59] How Van branched his business out into Japan, and lessons from there that he has brought back to his American based salons. 

[51:49] Changes that Van is working into his business model.

[59:54] An overview of the two-year training program that Van takes new employees through, and the philosophy that he instils in them during this time.

[1:10:32] The level system at Van Michael Salon.

[1:13:48] Metrics that Van aims to maintain in his salons (and goals that he has for the future).

[1:20:15] Van’s approach to creating a healthy company culture, his biggest strength as a leader, and advice for hiring employees. 


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Special thanks to Van for sharing his story with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!



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