Episode 136

David Wagner

Podcast Length: | Date Published: 12th April 2022

What Does It Take to Build a Multi Salon Brand Where Everyone Is a Winner? With JUUT Salon Owner David Wagner.

Many people open a salon with a dream to grow it into a big business. Unfortunately, only very few achieve that dream. 

In today’s hairdressing industry there has been a growth in the independent stylist. The salon suite, The booth renter. The freelancer. The business unit of 1. But that business model certainly isn’t for everyone.

You can still build a brand, create a career path, and offer training and benefits and an amazing workplace culture that gives people a place to belong that is bigger than just them.

My guest on today’s podcast has done that and so much more. He is David Wagner; hairstylist, artist, entrepreneur, educator, author and founder and owner of JUUT Salons.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • What it takes to build a successful salon brand
  • The meaning of being a ‘day maker’
  • Creating salon culture 
  • The Covid impact …

And so much more!


In this Episode:

[03:13] David shares an overview of his journey from one of the very first Horst Rechelbacher scholars to the founder and CEO of Juut Salonspa.

[12:45] How David transformed a last-place salon into a first-place salon. 

[15:02] The serendipitous moment that David decided to open his own salon, and the growth that his business experienced in its first 3 years.

[17:05] Why David recommends either having one salon or more than two, and growing through acquisition rather than building from the ground up. 

[23:34] The key to successfully running salons across multiple states. 

[27:24] David shares the experiences which inspired Daymaker Movement, and his book, Life As a Daymaker.

[36:36] What David has learned about the value that the hairdressing professional brings to people’s lives. 

[41:22] How David created (and maintains) a thriving employee-based culture in his salons.  

[55:03] Why David refers to his salons as a collection rather than a chain. 

[57:14] The percentage of revenue that David considers to be a good profit (and why this has gone down over time).

[1:01:11] David’s suggestion for measuring retail sales. 

[1:04:10] An overview of the payment structure at Juut. 

[1:06:05] David shares his thoughts on the evolution of the salon suite model. 

[1:09:57] The impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on David’s business.

[1:14:44] What David believes to be his greatest strengths, the lesson that he would like to pass onto future generations of hairstylists, and what he wishes he was better at.

[1:21:43] Traits that David believes make for a good leader.


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Special thanks to David for sharing his insights with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!




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