Episode 134

Jason Crozier

Podcast Length: 59 min | Date Published: 29th March 2022

How to Up Your Instagram Game Using Fashion Relevant Curated Content with Jason Crozier

My guest on today’s Podcast is Jason Crozier, salon stylist, editorial stylist and the founder and Director of CrozNest Creative Agency in London. 

CrozNest helps salon businesses gain traction by providing digital marketing services and curated content packages for social media.

On this episode we discuss:

  • The benefits of using some curated content on your Instagram feed
  • The relevance of trend reports
  • The ever-evolving role of social media in your business

And lots more!


In this Episode:


[02:56] Jason shares where his journey as a creative professional began, and how his career has evolved over the years.

[12:39] How Jason’s digital agency, CrozNest, has been bridging the gap between hairdressing and fashion for the past 11 years.

[15:35] What CrozNest’s curated content packages consist of, and how they elevate the social media platforms of the salon and fashion businesses that utilize them. 

[18:20] Jason explains how he and his team create their content packages.

[27:55] The different package options that CrozNest offers to their clients, and the costs associated with each one.

[31:53] Social media platforms that CrozNest’s packages are geared towards.

[33:48] Changes to their business model that CrozNest is in the process of implementing.

[35:19] How CrozNest makes sure that their content is relevant across the world.

[37:41] Value that the CrozNest’s social media content planner (which can be downloaded for free from their website) provides to salon and fashion businesses.

[39:24] What you can expect to learn from the trend reports (another free downloadable resource) that CrozNest releases seasonally. 

[45:30] How to make your salon’s Instagram profile stand out from the rest. 

[49:34] Jason’s recommendations for managing a business Instagram account.  

[52:21] Advice on writing copy for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  


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Special thanks to Jason for sharing his insights with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!



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