Episode 131

Antony Whitaker

Podcast Length: 36min | Date Published: 8th March 2022

How to Get Around the Objections That Some Hairdressers Have About Recommending Take-Home Retail Products.

In today’s episode I am going to be answering a question which was asked by a listener; “How can I get my team to talk about and recommend professional take-home products to their clients?”

I have a complete module on this very topic in my online Super Stylist course so I will be drawing from that content in this episode. The focus will be on highlighting the typical objections that hairdressers have about recommending retail products to clients, and how salon owners can deal with these.

In today’s podcast we will discuss:

  • Whose job is it to recommend take-home products?
  • What are the 14 main objections that hairstylists typically have?
  • What are the biggest fears stylists have when recommending take home?

And lots more!

In this Episode:

[01:34] The ineffective approach that many salon owners use when trying to get their hairdressers to recommend take-home products.

[03:28] Why a full hairdressing service offering should include product recommendations.

[05:52] Profitability of the retail side of a salon.

[10:14] Learning that is required in order for hairdressers to be able to confidently recommend take-home products.

[11:47] Experiences that can deter hairdressers from recommending products, and advice for any hairdressers listening who have had these experiences.

[12:57] The number one reason (probably) that hairdressers don’t recommend retail products to customers.

[13:51] How to enhance your product knowledge as a hairdresser.

[14:50] The mindset shift that is required for some hairdressers to begin recommending products.

[16:43] Being a helpful professional versus a pushy salesperson.

[19:33] How a salon’s culture influences a hairdressers’ level of comfort when it comes to recommending retail products.

[21:17] Why it should make no difference to you, as a hairdresser, whether you are paid a commission for take-home sales or not.

[23:16] Reasons that the continuous growth of online sales shouldn’t prevent hairdressers from recommending take-home products to clients.

[25:36] Why, “I don’t have time,” is not a valid excuse for not recommending retail products.

[26:58] A common fear that hairdressers have around recommending products, and suggestions for how to overcome it.

[31:52] Why you shouldn’t make assumptions about how much your clients will be willing to pay for retail products.



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