Episode 123

Oscar Cullinan

Podcast Length: 53 min | Date Published: 11th January 2022

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a 15 strong luxury brand salon group? 

My guest on today’s Podcast has done exactly that. He is Oscar Cullinan founder of the Oscar Oscar salon group in Australia.

Oscar has built up a very successful 15 strong luxury salon partnership group in Australia and more recently has started his own product line. 

Many people want to achieve what Oscar has but very few manage to. So, what does it take to go from one salon that was opened on a ‘whim’ to becoming a household name in the Australian Hairdressing Industry?

The answer is ‘partnership’ and the Oscar Oscar group have created a successful partnership model that is a win for everyone. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Knowing when it’s time to expand 
  • The partnership business model
  • What it takes to create and culture and build a brand
  • The importance of leadership in the salon industry

And lots more!

In this Episode:

[01:04] The Salon Management course you should be signing up for if you want to grow your salon business, and where you can do so. 

[02:53] Oscar shares what the first few years of his ‘vagabond’ journey in the salon industry consisted of.

[04:46] How Oscar Oscar Salons has grown over the past 32 years, and what inspired the company name.

[08:41] Factors that Oscar sees as the key to the success of a salon. 

[10:01] What motivated Oscar to expand his business and his advice for managing this process. 

[14:08] Benefits of the partnership business model that Oscar has chosen for his salons, and an explanation of how the model works. 

[20:26] Oscar shares his thoughts on how the salon industry is changing.

[23:45] How to build a great team culture, from someone who is admired for having achieved that goal. 

[27:57] The approach that Oscar utilizes in order to ensure he is financially stable.  

[31:00] The size of the retail component of Oscar Oscar Salons. 

[36:26] Why Oscar likes to have multiple salons in one state.

[37:36] How COVID-19 lockdowns in Australia have impacted Oscar Oscar Salons. 

[39:35] Oscar explains what his product line consists of, and what makes it stand out from the many others out there.

[45:23] Lessons in leadership from Oscar. 

[47:44] Some of the mentors who have played a role in Oscar’s journey in the salon industry. 

[49:00] A rapid-fire round with Oscar: his greatest strength, what drives him, how he continually reinvents himself, the biggest life lesson he has learned, and what he wishes he was better at. 


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Special thanks to Oscar for sharing his story with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!



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