Episode 121

Gianni Scumaci

Podcast Length: 1hr 13 min | Date Published: 28th December 2021

Gianni Scumaci was born into a hairdressing family, with a mother who was a hairdresser and a father who was a barber, the hairdressing ‘gene’ was in his blood right from the start.

Living above the barbershop he was introduced into the world of hair as a young boy sweeping the floor and cutting hair from the age of ten.

Today, Gianni is quite simply one of the very best haircutters there is.

One of the things that make Gianni stand out is that not only is he good with his hands, he also has a great mind and is able to articulate and inspire hairdressers everywhere with his humility, enthusiasm and passion for the craft.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The importance of nurturing creativity
  • The number 1 ingredient when it comes to suitability.
  • Why it’s important to have pride in being a hairdresser

And lots more!

In this Episode:

[01:45] An introduction to today’s guest: Gianni Scumaci.

[04:43] How Gianni defines creativity and suitability.

[07:25] Gianni explains why aesthetic suitability is of little interest to him.

[09:47] What it means to “read between the lines” and “listen to what’s not being said,” according to Gianni.

[12:30] Gianni reviews his process for teaching hairdressers how to give more effective consultations.

[14:41] Learning to read someone while working with mannequin heads.

[16:50] Teaching people with varying backgrounds and learning styles is like nurturing plants in a garden.

[18:40] Here are a couple of takeaways salon owners can use to nurture the talent on their own teams.

[20:20] Ruling by fear is not how Gianni managed his salon.

[22:15] Gianni tells a story about a soiree that had everyone in the salon put their names in a hat, draw names, and do haircuts in the style of the names that were drawn.

[24:50] How working under pressure nurtures Gianni’s own creativity.

[27:35] Bringing out the best in a woman’s looks, in Gianni’s opinion.

[30:15] The way a woman walks with a haircut is so much more different than how she looks with it.

[31:41] We learn who inspires Gianni creatively.

[34:22] Gianni discusses how the Italian aesthetic influences his work in fashion and beauty.

[37:40] This is what Gianni learned as a hairdresser working in the editorial realm of the beauty industry.

[39:54] What Gianni learned during his first ten years as a professional versus his second and third decades.

[41:10] Why Gianni believes he’s always belonged with photographers.

[43:45] Gianni reveals how he developed “his eye” as it applies to hair styling.

[45:48] The importance of collaboration.

[48:50] This is what it takes to be a good hairdresser, in Gianni’s perspective.

[50:13] What Gianni learned out of the salon versus what he learned in the salon.

[53:09] Gianni digs deep into how his technique evolved.

[55:30] Gravitating to the people whose influence Gianni wants is key.

[56:43] Antony talks about Gianni’s work as being balanced, soft, and beautiful.

[57:54] Gianni touches on the importance of awards.

[1:00:12] The importance of GS Online.

[1:01:50] The origin of GS Online.

[1:04:32] Gianni is passionate about the value of hairdressers in society.  Here’s why.

[1:06:37] Hairdressers fulfil a social function on a par with everyone else.

[1:09:20] What it takes to be a successful hairdresser.

[1:10:21] Antony wraps up the conversation.


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