Episode 119

Desmond Murray

Podcast Length: 51 min | Date Published: 14th December 2021

Combining hairdressing and photography with Desmond Murray.

There is a well-trodden path of hairdressers who want to transition into being photographers, some of them succeed better than others, and you can see the obvious connection of wanting to capture the images on film and wanting to be in control of that.

My guest on today’s Podcast is Desmond Murray, who is not only an award-winning hairdresser but also a great photographer in his own right.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Making the transition from hair into photography
  • What photography has taught him about being a better hairstylist
  • The importance of hairdressing awards… and
  • The role that social media plays

And lots more!

In this Episode:

[03:13] Desmond shares an overview of what his journey in the salon industry has looked like.

[04:33] What Desmond learned from living and working in New York in the ‘80’s.

[08:43] Why Desmond gave up being a salon owner to focus on hairdressing, and how he feels about his decision.

[12:53] How Desmond’s photography career began.

[16:04] Desmond’s first photography shoot, and the feedback he received which completely changed his view on imagery.

[21:59] The key to successfully transitioning between crafts.

[24:44] How Desmond’s photography work is split between hair and other content.

[25:26] A famous artist that Desmond has photographed, and how this collaboration came about.

[29:43] Similarities between hairdressing and photography, and the skills Desmond has been able to transfer between the two fields.

[33:30] The different headspaces that Desmond embodies depending on the work that he’s doing.

[34:45] Advice from Desmond for any hairdressers interested in branching into the photography realm.

[37:31] Desmond’s opinion on the future of awards in the hairdressing industry, and how this is going to intersect with the world of social media.

[41:47] How the photography industry has changed, and what Desmond thinks this means for his future as a photographer.

[46:49] Factors to take into consideration when for putting an award-worthy collection together.

[49:31] Where you can connect with Dave.


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Special thanks to Desmond for sharing his insights with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!



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