Episode 117

Josh and Jason Miller

Podcast Length: 1 hr 1 min | Date Published: 30th November 2021

Why Being Restless Helps You Grow

I had successful salons for 14 years, and like every business, they had their ups and downs …but definitely far more good times than bad. 

The reality is that most businesses don’t last 14 years, so when you meet the owners of businesses that have survived and continue to grow and constantly reinvent for 56 years you know that there are some valuable lessons for the rest of us.   

My guests on today’s Podcast are Jason and Joshua Miller whose parents, Janet and Charlie Miller, started the Charlie Miller salons in Edinburgh, Scotland 56 years ago. 

And those salons continue to flourish and reinvent to this day.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The key to business longevity
  • Creating loyalty
  • Embracing change
  • The importance of giving back

And lots more…

In this Episode:

[02:35] Jason and Joshua share what each of their salon industry journeys have looked like, and what their current roles entail. 

[10:16] Two key ingredients that have kept the Charlie Miller salons going strong for 56 years. 

[12:31] What drew Joshua and Jason to join their parents’ salon, and the paths their own children have taken. 

[16:22] Culture and mindset that characterise the Charlie Miller salons.

[19:57] The gift that Charlie Miller (Jason and Joshua’s dad) gave to the Dalai Lama. 

[23:35] Joshua and Jason’s belief in, and commitment to, education and training for hairdressers.

[27:48] The “tour” that Charlie Miller employees go on in their third year and the value that this has brought to the salons. 

[31:44] How Jason and Joshua have managed to successfully expand their business to five Edinburgh based salons. 

[38:14] Recent changes that Joshua and Jason have seen taking place in the salon industry, and what they hope to preserve from the past. 

[43:14] Differences between what motivated the older generation of hairdressers and what motivates the current one. 

[47:23] How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the Charlie Miller salons.  

[52:25] Why Jason and Joshua don’t want to change their business model too much.

[54:24] Charlie Miller salons’ long term collaboration with the Teenage Cancer Trust. 

[59:20] Where to find Charlie Miller salons online. 

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Special thanks to Jason and Joshua for sharing their insights with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!



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