Episode 116

Antony Whitaker

Podcast Length: 27 min | Date Published: 23rd November 2021

As we near the end of 2021, what are the questions that salon owners should be asking themselves?

I am really lucky in that I get to interview lots of great people on the podcast and have in-depth conversations with salon owners and others who have a vested interest in the success of the hairdressing industry.

As a result, it gives me an insight into what’s happening, not just at a local level, but also from a wider perspective, and that gives me the opportunity to observe business and social trends unfolding as they happen, and then bring them directly to you.

So today I want to talk a little about some of the changes I am seeing in the industry and what that means [or could mean] as well as the opportunities it creates for all of us…

I think the best way to do that is for me to address 4 key questions.

So, in this episode, I am going to talk about…

  • What impact has the last couple of years had on salon owners?
  • What impact has the last couple of years had on the traditional business model?
  • What impact are these changes having on the client?
  • What impact are these changes having on salon staff?

Join me in today’s episode as I share my observations and set you up to think differently in order to be prepared for 2022 and beyond.

In this Episode:

[02:22] Examples of salon owners who have made changes to their businesses over the past few years and seen major benefits as a result.

[03:49] Challenges that are currently being experienced by many salon owners.

[06:54] The rise in independent contractors in the salon industry, and how traditional salon owners should be responding to this.

[09:16] A description of the agency salon model which is also becoming increasingly popular.

[10:31] Episodes 98 and 110; where you can hear more about the charging-for-time model.

[11:55] What clients expect from their salons and an experience I recently had at a salon that did not meet any of my expectations.

[14:10] How clients feel about the one-to-one level of service that became popular because of the pandemic.

[14:44] Why many salons are seeing less clients with a higher average bill. [Tune in to Episode 106 to hear more]

[16:11] How the mindsets of salon staff members have changed over the last few years.

[17:53] Changes that are leading to a lack of opportunities in the salon industry.

[18:25] The problem of poor retention of salon industry staff, and some of the reasons for this. [Episode 113 offers more details on this topic]

[22:00] What the majority of stylists earn in a year.

[22:49] Why increasing productivity is key to elevating the traditional salon model.

[24:10] How I hope the salon industry will look in the future.

[25:11] The online salon management course we are launching in January 2022, and where you can register to learn more.


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