Episode 112

David Brodsky and Filipe Santos

Podcast Length: 1hr 14 min | Date Published: 27th October 2021

If It’s Not Working, You Need to Adapt.

With the array of guests that we feature on the podcast, I frequently speak about the fact that there is a lot of movement happening in the ever-evolving salon business model.

I think that it’s important to remember, that it’s not a case of there being only ‘one way’ of running a business that is right, and everything else is wrong.

But instead, to recognise that there are probably some business models and ways of working that are more suitable to you than others.

And what might be right for you today may not always be right in the future. So it’s always good to have an open mind and understand how other salon owners are adapting the way they work and run their businesses.

Business models don’t constantly evolve for the sake of it. They change as a result of pressures on the existing way of doing things.

And if the existing way of doing things is no longer working, then you need to adapt what you are currently doing.

My guest today on the podcast are Filipe Santos and David Brodsky co-owners of a group of salons in New Jersey and they have a different take on how they run their business which they are going to share with us on this episode.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The business model Filipe and David have
  • The importance of flexibility in today’s workplace…
  • Team-leaders and Managers …
  • The value in giving team leaders a percentage of profit and the opportunity to buy into the business…

And lots more!

In this Episode:

[03:13] Filipe and David share how they became involved in the salon industry, and why they decided to become business partners.

[05:50] How David and Filipe’s business has grown and diversified since they started working together.

[09:09] Where Filipe and David’s four salons are situated, and why they all have different names.

[12:28] The business model that David and Filipe use in their salons.

[15:39] An uncomfortable conversation that led to the explosive growth of Filipe and David’s business.

[18:32] How David and Filipe maintain a healthy partnership.

[21:28] Valuable lessons that Filipe and David learned through their journeys with addiction.

[29:10] Changes that David and Filipe implemented to streamline their business processes, and the positive outcomes they have seen as a result.

[41:10] The motivation behind David and Filipe’s decision to hire team leaders rather than managers.

[43:06] Benefits of the work schedule that Filipe and David have implemented in their salons.

[47:14] David and Filipe explain the different levels of stylists that exist in their salons, and the payment structure associated with each one.

[49:25] Commission earned by team leaders in Filipe and David’s salon.

[53:16] The approach that David and Filipe have taken when it comes to hiring staff.

[56:36] Target systems that Filipe and David have created for their stylists, and why these are so important.

[59:00] David and Filipe’s ultimate goal.

[1:03:02] The marketing and advertising approach that Filipe and David utilize, and the results it brings about.

[1:06:46] Fundamental roles that David and Filipe’s wives play in the business.

[1:07:46] How Filipe and David deal with consultations and cancellations.


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