Episode 109

Paul Huege de Serville

Podcast Length: 52 min | Date Published: 5th October 2021

Passion, learning and constant reinvention lead to longevity in business.

We are all at different stages of our professional journey, some of us are nearer the beginning than the end, and some of us are nearer the end than the beginning.

But regardless of where you are, there is always value in your story and there are always people that will have inspired you along the way.

My guest on today’s Podcast is Paul Huege de Serville owner of the Serville salons and school in Auckland New Zealand, and he is definitely someone who has had an influence on my career right from the beginning.

Paul’s hairdressing career has spanned over 50 years but his passion for the industry, combined with his ability to constantly reinvent is what lays behind his longevity and continued success.

He has always been a trailblazer and his business has never stopped evolving, he isn’t just keeping up with the times, but he and his team continue to set a path for others to follow…

In this episode we discuss:

  • The importance of embracing change and evolving as a business
  • Partnerships in business
  • Leadership …

In this Episode:

[0:02:49] What Paul’s long, inspiring career in the salon industry has looked like.

[0:06:16] The importance of developing your own unique story as a hairdresser.

[0:08:31] When I first met Paul, and the impact he had on me.

[0:09:37] Paul’s mission to elevate the hairdressing industry.

[0:12:35] How and why the meaning attributed to awards has changed over time.

[0:15:00] Why Paul decided to start teaching.

[0:17:30] The mantra that has defined Paul’s career.

[0:18:10] How Paul’s business has evolved over time.

[0:21:59] Paul’s thoughts on the new salon business models which are becoming popular.

[0:23:45] The business model that Paul uses in his salons.

[0:24:42] How Paul became the owner of his first and second salons.

[0:27:13] Keys to the successful expansion of a business, according to Paul.

[0:29:15] Paul explains how he created his company’s culture.

[0:32:13] A trait that I have always admired in Paul.

[0:33:10] Paul’s strategy of visualizing the outcome of something before he begins.

[0:34:54] What inspired Paul to open a hairdressing academy, and how its size and scope has broadened since its founding in 1993.

[0:37:56] The number of students who go through Servilles Academy each year.

[0:39:02] Amount of the total revenue that Paul think salons should ideally be receiving from retail.

[0:39:39] Paul’s systematic approach to client consultations.

[0:42:04] Characteristics that Paul sees as his biggest strengths.

[0:43:30] The strategy that Paul had utilized to stay relevant, even after 40 years in the industry.

[0:45:11] One of the most important learnings that Paul has had throughout this life.

[0:46:09] How Paul works to constantly improve himself.

[0:48:14] The importance of listening.

[0:49:51] Why Paul deleted his personal social media accounts.

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