Episode 105

Bruno Marc Giamattei

Podcast Length: 1 hr 11 mins | Date Published: 1st September 2021

Celebrating 50 years of an ever-evolving successful family business.

Some hairdressers have a specific niche that they focus on, whether it’s education or colour or barbering, product development or photographic work, or entering competitions. And others are involved in everything the industry has to offer. 

My guest on today’s podcast is involved in everything he is Bruno Marc Giamattei of the multi-award-winning Marc Antoni Salons in the south of England and Bruno along with his family and a great team have created a fabulous business that excels in multiple areas of the industry. 

Like, everyone, he’s been hit hard by COVID, but on today’s podcast he openly shares everything that has made the business successful, and he also talks openly about the challenges that they continue to deal with along the way. 

In today’s podcast we  discuss:

  • Family businesses 
  • Building team culture
  • Hairdressing awards
  • Dealing with no shows…
  • Starting your own product line


In this Episode:


[0:02:57] Bruno shares how the hairdressing industry is inextricably linked to his family. 

[0:05:15] How salon businesses worked when Bruno started his career, compared to how they work today. 

[0:07:15] Changes that Bruno made to his father’s salon when he started working there.  

[0:08:34] The first barbershop that Bruno owned, the prices he charged, and the number of clients he would see in a day.  

[0:09:42] Why Bruno is much more interested in unisex hairdressing salons than barbershops. 

[0:10:58] Roles that Bruno and his three brothers hold in the business (Marc Antoni Hair Salons).  

[0:13:16] How Bruno and his brothers handle being in a family business. 

[0:15:11] One of the elements of being part of a family business that Bruno is very grateful for. 

[0:16:00] Negative impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Marc Antoni.  

[0:18:38] Reasons that Bruno thinks young people aren’t choosing to become hairdressers.

[0:20:45] The dynamics that hairdressers are having to navigate at the moment. 

[0:22:42] Trends that Bruno has noticed are taking place in the hairdressing industry. 

[0:25:06] Challenges that Bruno is facing as a result of social media. 

[0:27:15] Realizations that sparked Bruno’s decision to openly vocalize his opinion about “no-shows.”

[0:29:31] The strategy Bruno put in place to deal with “no-shows,” and how it is working out.

[0:32:46] How people’s perceptions of awards in the hairdressing industry have changed. 

[0:34:56] Why Bruno will continue to enter the British Hairdressing Awards. 

[0:37:53] Bruno’s experience in the world of online education. 

[0:39:56] Ways that Bruno likes to give back. 

[0:42:06] The story of Bruno’s product line. 

[0:44:24] Factors that Bruno didn’t take into consideration when he first started his product line. 

[0:46:56] What Bruno would tell someone looking to start a product line now. 

[0:49:01] Events that contribute to the creation of the team-oriented culture at Marc Antoni. 

[0:51:17] How salon owners should be treating their new, young hairdressers. 

[0:53:34] Guarantees that Marc Antoni makes to their new employees. 

[0:56:59] An example of one of the young hairdressers who Bruno trained. 

[01:00:28] What Bruno thinks is a realistic profit margin for a salon.

[01:01:21] Bruno explains how some of the financials work at Marc Antoni. 

[01:03:41] The employee structure at Marc Antoni, and the remuneration received within each tier.  

[01:06:51] Bruno’s biggest strength, what he is driven by, how he keeps his work relevant, the most valuable lesson he has learned in life, and what he wishes he was better at.

[01:09:30] Where you can get in touch with Bruno.  

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