Episode 100

Eugene Souleiman

Podcast Length: 1 hr | Date Published: 27th July 2021

A creative genius in the hairdressing industry. Part One with Eugene Souleiman.

If you are a serious hairdresser, you will know the name ‘Eugene Souleiman’ and if you don’t, then you should!

I talk to many of the biggest names in the hair industry and when it comes to the world of session work and creativity ‘Eugene’ consistently comes up as being a major creative force who always pushes the boundaries of what can be done with hair.

We often marvel at the end result of the creative process, but I always think that the real magic is in what you don’t see, and that is how the hairdresser thinks about what they do.

How they think about fashion, about art, about people, about creativity, about culture, about collaboration … and how they channel all of that into their work.

Eugene is that rare breed of hairdresser who really is an artist [as much as he genuinely dislikes being called that]. His work inspires other editorial stylists and salon hairdressers the world over and along with a select few when it comes to creativity he is at the top of the pile.

Today’s podcast is the first of a two-part series…

In these two podcast episodes with Eugene we discuss:

  • His journey into hair
  • Transitioning from being a salon to editorial hairdresser
  • The importance of humility and being open to new ideas
  • How to nurture and develop creativity in others
  • What it’s really like to be one of the most in-demand session hairdressers in the world…

And lots more!

In this Episode:

[0:01:44] The inspirational work being done by Eugene Souleiman, and what you can expect to hear from the next two episodes with him.

[0:03:23] Eugene’s school and tertiary education experiences.

[0:05:23] When Eugene’s hairdressing journey began.

[0:07:11] The first job Eugene had as a hairdresser.

[0:10:00] Eugene’s experience working for Trevor Sorbie.

[0:12:43] Qualities that make Trevor Sorbie so special.

[0:15:29] A hugely important lesson that Eugene learned from Trevor Sorbie.

[0:17:06] Why Eugene thinks barbering is a great starting point for hairdressers.

[0:17:47] Factors that drove Eugene to leave the salon industry and focus on editorial work.

[0:19:19] What Eugene didn’t like about working in a salon, although he does miss it.

[0:22:33] The skill which has been particularly valuable for Eugene throughout his career.

[0:25:03] Creativity is everywhere.

[0:26:19] Inspiration that Eugene draws from chef Heston Blumenthal and artist Mark Rothko.

[0:28:48] Deeper meanings that lie behind what we see.

[0:32:40] Eugene explains how humility enhances one’s ability to be creative.

[0:34:10] Continuous learning and teaching that Eugene does in his line of work.

[0:37:13] Materials, other than hair, that Eugene works with.

[0:39:05] Eugene’s definition of an artist.

[0:40:26] What living in New York taught Eugene.

[0:42:50] How Eugene feels about the time he spent in Australia.

[0:44:14] Eugene’s love for Paris.

[0:46:16] A tribute to Yohji Yamomoto.

[0:49:35] How Eugene began to look at hair differently after working with Yohji.

[0:51:05] The influence that John Galliano had on Eugene.

[0:53:38] A Folk Horror Tale; the film that you need to watch.

[0:57:18] Characteristics that Eugene admires in the people he works with.

End of part one…

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Special thanks to Eugene Souleiman for sharing his world with me for this week’s episode – tune in next week for part 2. 


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