Episode 099

Mark Woolley

Podcast Length: | Date Published: 20th July 2021

The journey to building a salon group and product line.

I always find that in someone else’s story there is inspiration and lessons for all of us about how their career has evolved, the choices they have made and the path they have taken along the way. This is definitely one of those stories.

My guest on today’s Podcast is Mark Woolley founder and creative director of ‘Electric’ a brand that encompasses award-winning salons, an ethical professional product line, an education academy, a photographic and film studio, and a farm in the English countryside.

In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • Knowing when it’s time to go out on your own…
  • Creating a professional product brand, and…
  • The ever-evolving salon business model.

And lots more!

In this Episode:

[0:01:08] Welcoming today’s guest, Mark Woolley, founder of the Electric brand.

[0:03:13] Where Mark grew up, and his first memorable salon experience which carved out his life path.

[0:05:34] Mark explains what his company does, and how they differentiate themselves.

[0:07:40] How Mark divides his time between the different elements of his business.

[0:09:50] A sentiment within the hairdressing field that Mark strongly disagrees with.

[0:12:50] Why Mark’s salons are situated in more spread-out locations than most other salon brands.

[0:14:00] Mark’s thoughts about the positives and negatives of franchising.

[0:15:47] When Mark decided it was time to break out and start his own business.

[0:18:31] Negotiations that Mark had with his previous employers, and the state of their relationship today.

[0:21:08] Why Mark decided to call his business Electric.

[0:24:00] The progression towards more independent contracts in the hairdressing industry.

[0:25:28] Reasons that Mark is worried about the rise of independent operators.

[0:27:16] Trends that Mark has seen amongst the youth of today.

[0:29:00] Why Mark doesn’t believe in the salon suite model.

[0:29:50] Mark explains the intention behind Electric Space, one of his most recent projects.

[0:30:50] The tax system in the UK, and how that impacts self-employed salons.

[0:33:08] Different areas within Electric Space, and what they are used for.

[0:36:00] The experience that is provided to clients who visit Electric Space.

[0:38:56] Why Mark decided to create a new product line.

[0:41:44] Mark’s reaction when he was handed the IP ownership of his product.

[0:44:13] How people responded to Mark’s product initially.

[0:45:30] Principles that are integral to Mark’s product line.

[0:48:30] Where you can learn more about the farm where the ingredients for Mark’s products are grown.

[0:51:04] Mark shares his thoughts about why there is a lack of competitive haircare products being made in the UK.

[0:53:36] How Mark incorporates his love for all things British into his work.

[0:55:41] The number of products that Mark has in his range, and why he doesn’t want to bring out too many more.

[0:58:24] Technicalities that exist in the making of some hair care products.

[1:00:38] People who Mark is inspired by.

[1:02:35] Openness to share knowledge within the hairdressing industry.

[1:03:48] Factors that have been essential to Mark’s success.

[1:04:23] Mark shares a story that highlights the importance of trusting your intuition.

[1:08:03] There is no right or wrong way to do things.

[1:09:13] Where you can connect with Mark.

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