Episode 097

Andrew Dale

Podcast Length: 58 mins | Date Published: 6th July 2021

From Stylist to Salon Owner to Founder and Manufacturer of a Multi-Million Dollar Haircare Brand with Andrew Dale.

Businesses are built by those who dare to dream and have the determination to turn the dream into reality.

Like everyone, the people who are successful in business don’t always have everything go their own way, they have plenty of challenges to overcome, they make mistakes, and they often go to the edge, but it’s the belief that they have in themselves, their vision and never give up attitude that gets them to where they want to go, and today’s guest is a great example of that.

He is the founder and owner of the UNITE brand of hair products. And he just goes by the name Dale.

In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • The origins and the ethos behind the Unite brand
  • The changing product distribution models
  • The personal skills needed to succeed 

In this Episode:

[0:02:18] When and where Anthony and Dale, today’s guest, first met, and Anthony’s first impression of Dale.

[0:04:07] Dale gives a brief rundown of who he is, and the journey he has taken to get to the point he is now at in his career.

[0:06:19] The meaning behind the name of Dale’s brand, Unite.

[0:07:40] Reasons that Dale decided to leave the company he was working for and open his own.

[0:09:13] Things Dale wish he had known when he founded Unite.

[0:11:19] Dale explains his strong belief in making retail part of a salon.

[0:12:40] Why having a strong team is key to successful expansion.

[0:15:30] How to find the right team members for you.

[0:16:25] Dale shares the full story behind how the name Unite came about, and changes that he hopes to see in the hairdressing industry.

[0:18:47] The original dream that Dale had for his career, and how that changed after he opened his first salon.

[0:20:40] How Unite began, and the growth they saw in their first year and a half.

[0:21:50] Unite’s biggest break.

[0:24:30] Benefits of Dale’s decision to keep Unite independent.

[0:26:07] Inspiration that Dale draws from his father, and other people who he looks up to.

[0:28:35] The formal and informal business training that Dale had.

[0:30:56] Differing attitudes between the British and the Americans, and why Dale doesn’t think he would have been able to build Unite in England.

[0:33:54] Where the future of distribution is heading.

[0:35:18] Making hairdressers lives easier is the goal of Unite; that is why they sell their products directly to Amazon.

[0:38:34] How distribution works when it is going right, versus when it isn’t.

[0:40:38] An Amazon insider who you can expect to hear in an upcoming episode.

[0:41:23] The relationship Unite has always maintained with studio salons.

[0:43:12] Why it is so important for salons to build specialized brands, and to know when to change.

[0:46:08] Major brands which didn’t adapt, and the fate they succumbed to as a result.

[0:47:16] Getting people motivated is one of the key skills that has contributed immensely to Dale’s success.

[0:49:26] Factors that drive Dale.

[0:51:50] Valuable words of advice for any young hairdressers.

[0:54:38] The belief Dale in himself and his company has which has helped him through every challenge he has been faced with.

[0:55:54] Characteristics that Dale would like to improve within himself.

[0:56:47] Where you can get in touch with Dale.

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