Episode 096

Richard Lambert

Podcast Length: 44 mins | Date Published: 29th June 2021

What’s happening in the UK hairdressing Industry?

The world over the salon industry is a collection of small businesses, and in many cases, the owners of those businesses are often overwhelmed with issues around employment law, tax, health and safety updates, changing legislation, and a raft of other challenges as well as all the other fun stuff that comes with being a small business owner.

Luckily, in many countries, we are supported by industry associations that are there to offer information, support and guidance to help salon owners navigate their way through the maze as well offering solutions and a sense of community.

Today’s podcast is the third in a series of ‘three’ episodes where we talk to the key representatives of associations in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia to get an overview of the hairdressing industry in each of their respective countries, the challenges they face and the solutions they have.

My guest on Todays Podcast is Richard Lambert who is the Chief Executive of the National Hairdressing and Beauty Federation otherwise known as the N.H.B.F… and in today’s podcast, we will discuss the hairdressing industry in the United Kingdom.

In This Episode:

[0:02:06] An introduction to today’s guest, Richard Lambert, and why Anthony is excited to have him on the show.

[0:04:09] Richard’s role in the National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF), and a brief overview of his career path up to this point.

[0:06:54] Impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the hairdressing industry.

[0:09:21] Recommendations that the NHBF has recently made to the government with respect to the hairdressing industry.

[0:10:28] Support that is provided to salons by the NHBF and other organizations like it.

[0:12:03] How the NHBF is funded.

[0:13:08] Growth that the NHBF has seen over the past year, and the challenge of retaining those members.

[0:15:20] The number of salons who are currently signed up with the NHBF.

[0:17:15] Average sizes of salons in the UK, pre-pandemic.

[0:20:00] Richard explains the factors which he thinks have driven the change in the dominant salon model over the years.

[0:22:09] What Richard expects to see happen in the commercial property space in the future.

[0:24:36] Home hairdressing; the rise in popularity that this industry has experienced since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

[0:26:29] Concerns that exist around certain elements of home hairdressing.

[0:29:11] The single biggest worry about the rise in self-employment in the hairdressing industry.

[0:30:30] Richard explains what college means in the UK context, and why this type of education in the hairdressing field is not the most ideal.

[0:31:50] Benefits to which hairdressers working in the UK are entitled to.

[0:34:55] The methods by which the majority of hairdressers in the UK are usually paid.

[0:36:00] A recap of the biggest challenges being experienced by the hairdressing sector currently (and some new ones).

[0:37:11] The importance of improving business education within the hairdressing sector.

[0:38:41] How the NHBF is addressing the hairdressing skills gap and the perception of hairdressing as a career path.

[0:40:20] Various positive elements of the hairdressing industry that Richard has noticed.

[0:41:15] Hairdressing is considered one of the happiest professions in the world!

[0:42:48] Where you can find NHBF online, and how to get in touch with Richard.

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