Episode 095

Elena Lavagni

Podcast Length: 65 mins | Date Published: 22nd June 2021

What Impact will the Amazon Salon have on the Hairdressing Business?

At the beginning of May, Amazon opened their first-ever salon. It certainly made a big noise in all the Clubhouse rooms, social media platforms, and news outlets across the world.

Much of the commentary was based on assumptions of what the motives of Amazon were and how it would impact every area of the salon industry from product development, to new distribution channels, data collection as well as the use of augmented reality and virtual reality …and whether it would impact negatively or positively on the hairdressing industry and the salon revenue model.

Today’s guest on the podcast is Elena Lavagni, owner of Neville Hair and Beauty, an independent salon based in London, and Elena and her hand-picked team provide the hairdressing services in the Amazon Salon.

Listen to the podcast and hear from Elena her perspective on how the Amazon Salon can change hairdressing for the positive.

In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • What makes the Amazon salon different
  • How they are using technology in the salon, and…
  • How today’s consumer could benefit from the technology that is changing how we do business…

and lots more!


In This Episode:

[0:47] – Welcome to the show, Elena!

[1:35] – Elena gives a little bit of background information on who she is.

[3:03] – Elena reveals whether or not the publicity surrounding Amazon Salon surprised her.

[5:22] – Elena gives her opinion of Amazon Salon.

[8:50] – People haven’t purchased as many products since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

[10:30] – How did the Amazon Salon come about for Elena?

[13:18] – Elena discusses the importance of providing clients with their individual needs.

[15:56] – Elena reveals that Neville Hair and Beauty salon targets a very different audience than Amazon Salon does.

[16:54] – Elena explains why Amazon wanted to open a salon.

[18:37] – What about what Amazon Salon offers is new and innovative?

[20:39] – Elena predicts whether or not Amazon will open more salons.

[22:48] – Elena discusses who pays the employees of the salon.

[24:50] – Selling products should not always be about money but should be about the service that you provide clients.

[26:41] – Does Amazon plan to have its own product line eventually?

[29:36] – Amazon Salon is open to the public, not just Amazon employees!

[31:25] – It makes sense for some hairdressers to pair up with Amazon for distribution.

[32:58] – Elena talks about the value of the data that Amazon collects.

[35:32] – Elena shares whether or not technology negatively impacts the relationship between hairdressers and clients.

[37:36] – Going to work is like going outside to play for Elena.

[39:22] – Elena enthuses over the point-and-learn feature of Amazon Salon.

[40:50] – What has Elena learned from Amazon Salon that she will integrate into Neville?

[43:33] – Coming out of the pandemic, we have learned that health is the new beauty.

[45:20] – Elena reveals what kind of POS (point of sale) system that they use at Amazon Salon.

[48:25] – Is Amazon interested in the data around the productivity and revenue of stylists?

[49:36] – A lot of smaller brands are partnering with Amazon, especially in the United States.

[52:45] – Antony and Elena discuss Amazon’s just walk out technology.

[55:16] – Elena reflects on any further unexpected benefits that have come out of Amazon Salon.

[56:36] – Elena explains what she was looking for when she hired her team.

[59:15] – It’s going to be interesting to witness what kind of impacts Amazon Salon has on the industry!

[1:00:36] – Elena offers some closing remarks regarding Amazon Salon and how it should be embraced.

[1:02:10] – Where can listeners find Elena and/or the Amazon Salon online?

[1:04:59] – Thank you for being on the show, Elena!

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