Episode 094

Winn Claybaugh

Podcast Length: 51 min | Date Published: 15th June 2021

I like to say that all my guests have something special that they bring to the podcast.

Most of them are hairdressers, or started out as hairdressers and then maybe have gone off in another direction.

But sometimes there are people in our industry that have made a huge impact and contribution to hairdressing even though they have never stood behind the chair with a column of clients.

My guest today is one such person, his name is Winn Claybaugh and he has made and continues to make an extraordinary contribution to the hairdressing industry.

Amongst many other things is a proud father, motivational speaker, podcaster, author or the book ‘Be Nice or Else’ and the Dean and Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell Schools.

In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • What leadership is…
  • Who is responsible for motivation
  • The importance of consciously creating a culture …and we even briefly touch on ‘Gilligan’s Island’

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Special thanks to Winn Claybaugh for sharing his words of wisdom with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!

In this Episode:

[0:01:34] An introduction to today’s guest, Winn Claybaugh, and the focus of today’s show.

[0:03:50] Winn’s childhood celebrity crush.

[0:04:42] The love Winn has for his job and the beauty industry in general.

[0:06:10] How Winn ended up in the salon business, and what his first experience of owning a salon was like.

[0:07:55] Growth that Paul Mitchell has experienced over the years, and the impetus behind Winn’s co-founding of them.

[0:09:26] The culture of continuous learning that Winn believes is so important.

[0:10:36] Desperation that motivated Winn to seek out mentors, and how the conversations he had with them led him to become a motivational speaker himself.

[0:13:18] Conversation, and how our society has degraded this art form.

[0:15:24] Why Winn’s chose Vidal Sassoon as the first guest on his podcast, and the valuable lessons he learned from him.

[0:17:00] The dangers of ego.

[0:17:43] Winn shares some of his favourite guests that he has interviewed.

[0:19:25] A memorable moment from one of Winn’s podcast episodes, relating to mental health.

[0:20:30] Stigma that surrounds mental illness.

[0:21:56] Drug addiction issues that have impacts Winn’s life, and his first experience of sharing that information publicly.

[0:25:00] Work that Winn has to constantly do in order to stay clean.

[0:26:40] How being a dad has profoundly changed Winn’s life for the better.

[0:28:18] Winn’s disciplined morning routine.

[0:29:22] The type of leader that Winn is.

[0:30:20] Magic Johnson’s opinion on motivating a team.

[0:32:52] Examples of small things that, if done consistently, will lead to a successful salon and a happy life.

[0:35:20] How Winn maintains the positivity that he projects into the world.

[0:37:20] The importance of deciding what type of culture you want to create before it creates itself.

[0:38:10] Three human needs which Winn has built his businesses on safety, belonging, and purpose.

[0:40:50] How defining your purpose will help your salon stand out.

[0:42:45] Why Winn is optimistic about this generation and excited about the changes that they are bringing about.

[0:45:40] Connections and education that Winn would like to see more of in the future.

[0:48:00] If you put in the work and love the industry, you’ll reap the rewards.


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