Episode 090

Ashley Toliver Williams

Podcast Length: 1hr 3 mins | Date Published: 18th May 2021

My guest on the show today is Ashley Toliver Williams. She is a salon owner, educator and entrepreneur from Houston Texas and she has a passion and commitment to the industry that is refreshing no matter where you are from.… so listen up, this is another great episode…

In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • Changing the reputation of the salon industry
  • Where salon owners should be focusing their time
  • The responsibility to train your team to be better humans as well as better hairdressers and…
  • What is ‘salon culture’ and how do you create it

And lots more!

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Special thanks to Ashley for sharing her thoughts with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!

In This Episode:

[01:58] Welcome to the show, Ashley!

[02:30] Ashley shares her background and her journey through the hair industry.

[06:03] What do you do for fun?

[08:30] Ashley discusses what she tells salon managers and owners about what they need to be focused on right now and tells a story around this.

[14:22] Antony talks about the difference between the salon side of being a salon owner and the business side of the business. 

[16:38] Ashley shares why she chose the words: Changing the world view of professional stylists and salons.

[19:36] Ashley believes that the professional hairdresser can change the world, and she explains why.

[22:43] What do you think are the biggest challenges that face salon owners today?

[25:18] Ashley discusses what she thinks about the new business model of salon suites and the independent salons.

[29:42] What type of business model do you have in your salon?

[30:51] Ashley shares what she believes makes a successful salon with a commission-based business model.

[34:32] Ashley believes that hairdressers have to be consistent to be successful.

[35:56] “The successful people in this industry own their business behind the chair, regardless of how they’re paid or what their responsibility level is.” 

[37:30] Ashley talks about working smarter, not harder, and how many people don’t understand it.

[41:06] “People need to step up and own the space of leadership they are in.”

[42:49] What does the apprenticeship in your salon look like?

[45:35] Ashley shares what they do to train the human, not the stylist.

[48:12] What are you looking for when you need to hire new stylists?

[52:44] Ashley talks about how she defines culture and how she built the culture in her salon.

[55:49] Ashley shares the top three key performance indicators that she looks at in her business with her team members.

[1:00:43] Ashley explains what she means by their care factor matrix and what they are looking for.

[1:03:24] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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