Episode 089

James Alba, Fry Taylor & Mark Budihas

Podcast Length: 1 hr 1 min | Date Published: 11th May 2021

Today’s podcast is a little different than usual, I thought we could mix it up a bit by not having my normal format of interviewing one guest on the show but instead sharing a recording of a Clubhouse event that I did a couple of weeks back.

This episode features James Alba, a New Jersey-based salon owner of the Bhive Salon, Fry Taylor from the UK, a Co-Founder of Green Salon Collective, and Mark Budihas from Green Circle Salons.

Listen in as we discuss how hairdressers can help save the planet by making decisions that reduce their environmental impact. by making small changes to how they think about not just the waste that we generate but also by supporting other businesses that have sound green credentials.

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Special thanks to James, Fry and Mark for sharing their words of wisdom with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!

In This Episode:

[01:31] Welcome to the room!

[02:12] How Hairdressers Can Help Save the Planet is the topic of today’s conversation.

[05:24] James, what are some simple things that salons can do to take some eco steps?

[07:54] Mark discusses some things that salons need to change.

[10:24] Fry speaks about some things that the Green Salon Collective is doing to recycle the waste streams in their salons.

[14:21] Fry talks about some of the positive things they have seen in the UK.

[16:26] Mark agrees with what Fry said and shares some things he has seen.

[18:45] Mark, do you believe it is a more generational thing? 

[21:21] James speaks about what going green looks like for a salon’s bottom line.

[23:44] James talks about social media and how his posts have impacted his clients.

[25:56] Fry shares the resistance points he has come across with salon owners in the UK.

[27:48] Mark says the resistance he hears is about the space in the salon.

[31:04] Mark talks about fees and the idea of charging more for services to make going green work.

[34:26] Fry, do you like to include the fee in the price or keep it separate?

[36:24] James says they use a hybrid of both, including the fee and keeping it separate.

[38:59] Mark discusses two things that salons can do right now.

[40:38] Fry speaks about checking out the people you do business with.

[43:06] Fry talks about an oil spill they had where he lives in Ireland and how the Green Salon Collective helped contain the oil with hair booms.

[46:00] What is the key to making going green sexy? How do you sell it?

[51:50] Fry shares how important it is for salons to be affiliated with product brands that are eco-friendly and more sustainable.

[54:17] Mark talks about product manufacturers helping to drive the movement.

[57:05] James speaks about where he believes salons will look like ten years from now.

[58:00] Fry shares what he thinks the salons of the future will look like.

[58:57] Mark talks about what he believes salons will look like in ten years.

[1:00:08] Thank you guys for being on the show!


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