Episode 081

Lacey Hunter Felton

Podcast Length: 61 mins | Date Published: 16th March 2021

The Traditional Salon Business Model Continues to Evolve.

I talk with many salon owners all over the world and one conversation that is constantly coming up these days is about the changing business models in the industry and that there is a shift towards more self-employed or individual contractors and that is happening in many countries.

There are lots of things driving these changes and I love seeing how some people see opportunities to start businesses that break the traditional mould.

My guest on today’s Podcast is one such person. Her name is Lacey Hunter Felton, she is co-founder of London based business ‘Hunter Collective’ and she is one of those entrepreneurs that is reinventing the traditional hairdressing business model.

In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • What the ‘Hunter Collective’ is the gap it fills in the industry
  • The future of co-working spaces in the salon industry …and
  • Balancing business with raising a family

And lots more!

In This Episode:

[02:01] Welcome to the show, Lacey!

[02:28] Lacey shares her background and what she is doing now.

[03:20] What is Hunter Collective?

[04:36] Lacey speaks about why she wanted to come up with a different business model.

[07:05] Lacey discusses where she got the inspiration for Hunter Collective.

[09:25] The digital design entrepreneurial working environment is what they looked at.

[12:03] Lacey speaks about the definition of a team environment versus a working environment.

[14:38] What’s the difference between renting a chair and what you have designed?

[17:07] Lacey talks about the monthly fee they charge for their membership.

[18:53] What is your target market?

[20:33] Lacey shares some hurdles they had to overcome when building Hunter Collective.

[25:09] Lacey explains how they justify the prices they charge.

[26:58] Lacey has found that their model puts the freelancer at the centre.

[29:40] How important is the social media component to the freelancing culture that Hunter Collective represents?

[34:04] Lacey discusses what she tells people who believe her model isn’t helping the hairdresser community.

[37:43] Lacey speaks about how the pandemic has impacted her business.

[41:35] How does it work when manufacturers use the building for education?

[42:58] Hunter Collective is also an event space.

[45:03] Lacey discusses their expansion plans and building their own online technology.

[47:12] Where do you see the business model evolving in the industry?

[50:00] Lacey speaks about balancing being a business owner and a mom to two young children.

[51:52] Most of the people who work at Hunter Collective are parents, and it allows them to be successful but only works a couple of days.

[54:31] Lacey shares the programs and structures she has in place that allows her to be home with her children, but the business still runs without her.

[58:52] Lacey shares some final thoughts with the listeners.

[1:00:12] Lacey, thank you so much for being on the show.

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Special thanks to Lacey for sharing her thoughts with me for this week’s episode.

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