Episode 077

Jonathan Lovett

Podcast Length: 50 mins | Date Published: 16th February 2021

We work in a creative industry, and many hairdressers have a real love and appreciation not just for hair and fashion but also for art, design, and architecture. 

Good salon design needs to serve multiple purposes. It needs to express a brand’s beauty aesthetic, personality, and brand values. But at the same time, it must also be functional, comfortable, considerate of the environmental impact, be legally compliant and appeal to the salon’s target market.  

The best design doesn’t exist in isolation from the people that visit and work within it. But instead, good design creates a space where the people in it feel that they belong. 

My guest today on today’s podcast is London based Architect Jonathan Lovett. 

Amongst other things, Jonathan is the creative design force behind some of the most beautiful salon and school designs over the last 40 years in the hairdressing space both in the UK, Europe, Asia, and the US. 

He is also a former Judge of the NAHA for salon design and is founder and owner of London Architectural and design business’ Association of ideas’

In today’s podcast, we discuss:

  • Salon design trends
  • What the lasting impact might be of Covid on salon design
  • How changing business models impact salon design and… 
  • The need to incorporate sustainability into salon design…

And lots more!

In This Episode:

[02:25] Welcome to the show, Jonathan!

[03:33] Jonathan shares his approach to salon design.

[05:15] His starting point is always looking at the space plan.

[07:28] How do you approach education spaces differently?

[10:28] Jonathan speaks about his approach to making salon’s more feminine than the Unisex salons in the past.

[13:20] He talks about the difference between the men’s environment and the women’s environment.

[17:16] How do you think the pandemic will affect salon design as we advance?

[19:52] Antony shares a story about going to a department and seeing a working salon from the 50s.

[21:52] Jonathan discusses if he would use inspiration from salons of bygone years but bringing it forward with a modernized touch.

[24:58] Jonathan shares his perspective on retail spaces around design and if he sees that changing.

[27:30] What advice would you give a salon owner about the design of their retail space?

[30:59] Jonathan speaks about sustainability and how he looks at it from a design perspective.

[33:38] Jonathan says that salons today still have to use traditional air conditioning to cool them.

[37:12] There are many behind-the-scenes regulations when designing salons.

[37:43] What are the trends at the moment in salon design?

[39:42] Jonathan talks about a salon he is designing in Germany.

[41:34] He has done a lot of work with a brand about environmental or sustainable credentials.

[43:15] Jonathan shares some ways to find a talented designer for a salon.

[47:11] What did you mean by saying that the mirror reflected green?

[49:34] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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Special thanks to Jonathan for sharing his thoughts with me for this week’s episode.

Until next time!

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