Episode 073

Jen and Matt Martinelli

Podcast Length: | Date Published: 19th January 2021

Utilising Technology For Better Recruitment.

Success doesn’t happen overnight if you want to follow your entrepreneurial dream then you need to be able to adapt, be flexible and passionate about your goal!

The life of an Entrepreneur is a journey and it’s full of ups and downs and being flexible and able to adapt and pivot is an essential skill as you navigate your way through the world of business startups. 

My guests on today’s Podcast are husband and wife team Jen and Matt Martinelli and this is a revisit as they were on Episode 9 in June 2019 but I wanted to get back in touch and look at where their business journey has taken them.

In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • How their business which is primarily a recruitment website has evolved.
  • The lessons they have learnt along the way.
  • How technology plays a more important role than ever in recruitment.

And lots more!


In This Episode:

[01:54] Welcome back to the show, Jen and Matt!

[03:15] Matt shares the changes and updates their app Canvas Recruit, which is now Canvas Me has had.

[05:46] Jen discusses what Canvas Me is and how to get started on the website.

[08:47] Jen speaks about their website syncing to Instagram, and Matt describes the website as LinkedIn meets Match.com.

[10:47] Matt shares moving from New Jersey to California and now back to New Jersey.

[13:31] Matt discusses why they did what they did for the business.

[16:47] Matt believes that their website works with both business models for hairstylists, whether it’s suite rental or working in a salon.

[20:04] How many people now have Canvas Me portfolios?

[20:56] Matt shares the different ways recruiters can filter information on the website.

[22:09] Matt discusses what has worked and what hasn’t worked from the start of this concept until now.

[23:02] Jen speaks about what the market can handle and how they had to get the industry used to this concept.

[24:30] How do you address hairstylists that believe that their Instagram portfolio is all they need?

[26:40] Matt shares where their website is monetized and what is free to the hairdresser.

[28:32] Matt speaks about who is engaging most with the platform.

[31:38] They discuss how the recruitment space changed over the last eighteen months.

[34:52] What impact has COVID had on your business and recruitment in general?

[38:06] Matt and Jen share the obstacles and challenges they faced when realizing their dream.

[41:21] Matt believes the mindset is the most important thing through your journey to your goal.

[42:29] How do you balance out your lives when you live together and work together?

[44:57] When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s very important to have designated roles.

[46:48] They share some final words for the listeners.

[47:52] Thank you both for being on the show!

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