Episode 071

Gordon Miller

Podcast Length: 69 min | Date Published: 5th January 2021

There are lots of things to love about hairdressers and the hairdressing industry, but let’s be honest, sometimes we have more than our fair share of emotion, gossip, drama and even misinformation.

In times of great change, and that means 2020 for sure, we need to be plugged into people who have an informed, objective and well-balanced perspective and that’s why I am excited to talk to my guest today – my friend, fellow podcaster and CEO of hairbrained Gordon Miller. 

Gordon is one of those people that although he has been in the industry in numerous roles for the last 40 years to some degree he isn’t emotionally invested in that he doesn’t have a salon, school or product so he manages to remain objective and have an overview which can be both calming, reassuring, insightful and refreshing. 

Although he is based in the United States, I think that most of what Gordon and I talk about on the podcast is totally relevant no matter where you live in the world. 

In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • The impact of COVID on the various different business models
  • What might the long-term psychological impact be on people and how that impacts hairdressers …and 
  • How will in-salon retail and colour be affected by the online world? 

And lots more!

In This Episode:

[02:26] Welcome to the show, Gordon!

[03:00] Gordon speaks about his podcast.

[06:28] Gordon shares his insight into how the pandemic will affect the future hair industry.

[09:48] Gordon discusses how he believes this past year will affect hairstylists and future hairstylists.

[12:28] Gordon speaks about online learning and the challenges the industry faces.

[15:32] Gordon believes the new generation is one of great empathy and not so money-focused.

[17:43] Gordon says many thought leaders are shifting away from having just one big brand and aligning more with the seller instead of the name.

[20:08] Do you know people who have trouble learning virtually?

[22:44] Antony shares a story about having a Zoom training with someone who forgot that people could see her.

[23:33] Gordon speaks about what he has heard about salon closures because of the pandemic.

[26:31] Gordon says that big salons are more challenged because of the pandemic, and small is maybe the new big post COVID.

[27:31] Big commissioned salons are who he believes have been most affected.

[29:21] Gordon believes that the suite model has gained the most during the pandemic.

[30:28] He believes that post-COVID things will return mostly to what they were before with salon models.

[32:38] How do you think the last twelve months will affect the retail sales in salons?

[35:22] Gordon shares that he has heard that retail sales have blown up online, but the savvy salons have had great retail sales as well.

[38:15] Antony shares a story about his latest haircut at a barbershop.

[40:50] Gordon shares his thoughts around why people want to be someone else on camera.

[45:22] What are your thoughts on e-commerce platforms for salons?

[47:11] Gordon talks about what he sees changing in the social media and salon space.

[51:09] Gordon discusses how online hair color will change how clients view salon color.

[54:06] Gordon says the ultimate factor will be if the clients miss the atmosphere and treatment they get at salons versus doing it at home.

[57:55] What are your thoughts on online education? Do you see it becoming the primary way to get continuing education?

[1:00:15] Gordon believes that in the next 15 months or so, we won’t recognize the changes in online education.

[1:02:44] Gordon shares what he believes consumers want in the salon they go to.

[1:04:56] Consumer behavior has forever been changed, and safety will continue to be important to everyone.

[1:08:16] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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