Episode 069

Nick Irwin

Podcast Length: 68 mins | Date Published: 22nd December 2020

Pushing At The Boundaries Of Hair Fashion And Redefining Beauty.

There are two very different aspects of the hairdressing industry. First, there’s the business element of running a salon and all that goes with it and secondly there is the creative and emotional side of hairdressing and that is what draws most of us to hairdressing in the first place.

I believe that there are only a few hairdressers that are truly creative and that genuinely push at the boundaries of what creates fashion and defines beauty and they indirectly influence all of us.

I feel really privileged to be able to delve into what makes them tick on the podcast.    

My guest today is Nick Irwin who is quite simply one of the best editorial hairstylists in the business and is always pushing at the boundaries of beauty and fashion. 

In today’s podcast we will discuss:

  • The transition from being a ‘hairdressers hairdresser’ to becoming a successful editorial hairdresser.
  • What it takes to get into the world of editorial hair.
  • What drives the creative process.
  • The future fashion trends and…
  • The life lessons he’s learnt along the way.

And lots more!

In This Episode:

[01:42] Welcome to the show, Nick!

[02:26] Nick shares working for Antony in early 1993.

[05:01] Nick discusses his background and how he got into hairstyling.

[09:15] Nick speaks about the transition he made from a salon hairstylist to an editorial stylist.

[11:43] Antony chats about some past icons in the world of photography.

[13:22] What is the difference between editorial work and salon work?

[16:37] Nick discusses what hairdressers need to do to get their minds around doing editorial work.

[19:43] Nick shares what a stylist needs to do if they want to become an editorial stylist.

[23:26] How has working with Rankin changed your eye for beauty and fashion?

[26:37] It’s not about what to do; it’s about knowing what not to do.

[28:46] Nick speaks about how the photographer gets him to understand what it is he wants.

[32:25] What sets one photographer apart from the others?

[34:37] Nick shares that Rankin has an extensive business, and everyone has a job to do, and trust is mutual.

[36:19] Nick discusses what sets one editorial stylist apart from the others.

[38:58] Nick speaks about what drives trends and how important they are today.

[42:15] Antony chats about where the hairstyles are going.

[43:07] Nick shares where he sees the salon hair industry is heading.

[46:00] Nick discusses why he believes the product companies need to come out with something new.

[48:15] As a session editorial stylist, how has the pandemic impacted you?

[51:02] Nick speaks about being part owner and Global Creative Director of ANTI

[54:26] Nick talks about meeting the owner of the ANTI styling products.

[56:41] Nick shares that he is very involved with the next generation of hairstylists and how he can help bring them in.

[58:33] Nick discusses how the collective works and what it’s about.

[59:24] What lessons have you learned over the years of your career?

[1:01:56] Nick shares some advice for young hairstylists today.

[1:04:01] Nick speaks about why he is so involved in teaching and nurturing young stylists.

[1:06:34] Thank you for being on the show!

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Special thanks to Nick Irwin for sharing his words of wisdom with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!

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