Episode 067

Raven Camacho

Podcast Length: 59 min | Date Published: 8th December 2020

One of the many things I love about Instagram is the ability it gives us to connect and showcase our work and to be inspired by what other salon owners are doing all over the world.

But, let’s face it… there’s a lot of ‘backs of heads’ and ‘beachy waves with balayage’ out there…

But then occasionally, you come across interesting hair, beautiful haircuts, and a modern approach to all things business, from sustainability to inclusivity, diversity, and everything in between, and it’s so refreshing!     

My guest on today’s Podcast is Raven Camacho, hairstylist, and owner of Raven Row Salon in Austin, Texas.

In today’s podcast, we discuss:

  • Salon marketing
  • Building a team culture
  • Sustainability
  • And just generally, what makes Raven tick…

In This Episode:

[01:44] Welcome to the show, Raven!

[02:40] Raven shares her background and journey into salon ownership.

[04:34] Listen as Raven discusses how COVID has affected her business.

[06:44] Raven shares how she found and bought the salon she owns now.

[08:30] Raven speaks about the challenges she had taken the business from chair rental to a total commission salon.

[10:55] Antony shares his experiences in buying an existing salon.

[13:11] At what point did you know it was time to open a salon?

[15:45] Raven shares what she wished she would have known before opening the salon.

[16:43] Raven says they have 17 on their team right now.

[18:29] Raven speaks about always wanting to stay fresh and how she feels about posting on social media.

[21:08] Antony shares what stands out on Raven’s Instagram feed about how they cut hair.

[24:05] Raven discusses her love affair with plants and how gardening allows her to shut her mind off.

[26:16] Raven speaks about the Cut-A-Thon they did to help Australia during the bush fires.

[27:55] What are three things a salon owner should do to create a good team culture?

[29:41] Raven shares the number one value her team has.

[30:44] Listen as Raven discusses the product lines they use that align with their values.

[32:44] Raven speaks about the importance of awards to her team and why.

[35:35] Raven shares how she balances her team’s schedules and pricing so they can work less.

[38:33] Raven discusses the girl power vibe her salon has, but she is open to working with men if they are like-minded.

[41:20] Raven shares why inclusion and equality are so important to her and the salon’s culture.

[43:46] How has social media affected the growth of your salon?

[46:09] Raven says they don’t set guidelines around the team’s social media accounts.

[48:24] Raven speaks about their staff retention.

[49:25] Listen as Raven shares how she navigates the changes happening in the industry.

[52:15] What’s your biggest strength?

[52:55] Listen to her intuition is the chief thing she has learned over the years.

[55:09] Raven gives some advice for the new hairdresser when navigating the industry.

[58:32] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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