Episode 060

Michaeline DeJoria

Podcast Length: 62 minutes | Date Published: 20th October 2020

With Good Fortune Comes Great Responsibility.

One thing about podcasts that I really love is that you get to ask people questions that in a social situation would maybe be a little too intense, whereas on a podcast they recognise that that’s the intention.

My guest today is Michaeline DeJoria, not only is Michaeline the daughter of John Paul DeJoria, the co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems but amongst other things, she is also Vice Chairman of the company.

I loved having this opportunity to talk with Michaeline and to ask her questions about her life growing up with JP as your dad, the different roles she has had in the company, the values that the company is built on, the importance of the company culture, how she raises her 3 children, the impact of COVID on the business and the responsibilities that come with her position.

We jumped all over the place and she is every bit as charming, and open and down to earth and intelligent as you might imagine her to be.

In This Episode:

[01:41] Welcome to the show, Michaeline!

[02:37] Michaeline shares her background and her job with John Paul Mitchell Systems.

[04:45] She talks about working in every aspect of the company, every department starting in the warehouse.

[06:49] How has working in every aspect of the company affected where you are today?

[08:22] Michaeline discusses having imposter syndrome because she was the boss’s kid.

[09:35] Listen as Michaeline shares why she works in the company’s beauty division instead of one of the others.

[11:40] Michaeline speaks about the story behind the iconic photo of her with her dad as a child.

[14:27] Was there ever a moment as a child, you realized that your life was different than other kids?

[18:06] Michaeline discusses how she keeps her kids grounded and confident in their abilities.

[21:07] Why has JP never sold the company?

[23:07] Michaeline shares the culture they cultivate in the company and how it is just part of the DNA.

[25:22] Listen as Michaeline shares how the culture evolves over the years with the different generations.

[27:57] “It’s finding a way to have the current situation better amplify your principles.” 

[31:32] How are you adapting to working from home?

[33:07] Michaeline discusses working with Millennials and GenZ versus working with the older generations.

[36:59] Michaeline shares the company’s approach for working through the pandemic.

[39:56] Listen, as Michaeline discusses how JPMS handles the social unrest that is happening now.

[41:18] She speaks about  Black Lives Matter and the opportunities to change some aspects, even though they have always been inclusive.

[43:36] Why is it so important for JPMS to give back to so many organizations?

[46:18] Michaeline shares a story about her dad, helping some strangers in a restaurant.

[48:38] They discuss the movie Good Fortune, a movie about John Paul’s life.

[51:22] What are some leadership hurdles you have had to overcome?

[53:04] What is the most important thing you have learned from your dad?

[56:57] Michaeline talks about the trust that JP put his company in to protect his people.

[58:08] Michaeline answers some rapid-fire questions from Antony.

[1:01:09] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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Special thanks to Michaeline DeJoria for sharing her words of wisdom with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!

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