Episode 057

Antony Whitaker - Business Booster

Podcast Length: 23 min | Date Published: 29th September 2020

Marketing Isn’t Just About Getting New Clients

There are many ways to look at the salon industry and judge its viability or effectiveness, but sometimes a couple of simple numbers tell you a lot about it.

For a business to grow, you need two things to happen, first; you need to attract new clients, and second, you need to keep them. The more you keep, the more you will grow.

In last weeks podcast episode 56 with John Harms from Millennium software we discussed the statistics he’s gathered that say that if you get ten new clients today, only 40% of those will come back for a 2nd visit, and only 25% of those will come back for a 3rd visit.

And that after 6 visits only 1 of the original 10 remain. Is it just me, or is that ridiculous!

Salons should spend as much time, energy, and money trying to convert and retain a higher percentage of their new clients than always trying to attract new ones.

That’s leads us to the obvious question which is, why do clients leave?

On this episode, we learn:

  • Why marketing to just new clients doesn’t grow your business.
  • The three things you should focus on in your marketing.
  • The five reasons consumers change who they do business with.

And lots more!

In This Episode:

[00:32] Welcome to the show!

[02:22] Antony shares some statistics, a former guest of his mentioned.

[04:04] If all your marketing is getting new clients through the door, how do you retain them?

[04:27] Antony speaks about the three things marketing is about Client Generation, Client Conversion, and Client Retention.

[06:45] Can you imagine having five new clients a day, and you keep all of them? You would have over 1.5 million dollars a year.

[09:03] Antony shares some numbers when you have six fully booked stylists all day every day.

[11:08] Antony discusses a statistic he saw that covers not just salons but all small businesses about why consumers change who they do business with.

[14:01] Antony defines a commodity and why 17% of people change who they are doing business with because they consider it a commodity.

[15:25] 48% of the time, we change who we do business with because of the experience.

[16:44] How do you fix it?

[19:35] Antony talks about making sure the client has the best experience they can have.

[20:23] We need to focus on Conversion and Retention, not just on Generating new clients.

[21:01] Antony speaks about a free webinar he is hosting called The Five Steps To Unlocking Your Salon’s Potential. Register at www.growbusinessschool.com/register.

[21:58] Have a great week and thank you for listening.

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Free Masterclass called The Five Steps To Unlocking Your Salon’s Potential. Register at www.growbusinessschool.com/register.