Episode 055


Podcast Length: 1hr 6 min | Date Published: 15th September 2020

What Does it Really Take to Become One of The Top Editorial Stylists Today?

My journey in hairdressing has been incredibly rewarding at lots of levels. But one thing I never take for granted is the people I have come to know and the friendships I have made in this industry along the way. 

We are living through challenging times, and I think it’s at times like this that the importance of people, of community, of friendships, of bonding, and engaging with each other is more important than ever. 

My guest today is ‘Duffy’, one of the world’s leading editorial hairstylists. Currently based in New York Duffy works with many of the biggest fashion brands in the world creating cutting edge hair. He’s also a good friend of mine that I have had the pleasure of knowing for the last 20 years and witnessing his work ethic, his professional growth and achievements have been amazing to watch. 

But all that aside, the thing that really stands out for me is that he is one of the nicest, most grounded, and genuine people you will ever meet. And for me, that trumps everything.

In today’s podcast, we will discuss:

  • Duffy’s journey into the world of editorial hairdressing
  • The advice he’d give to young hairdressers who wants to walk in his shoes
  • What drives his creativity
  • Social media and the impact it’s had on fashion… And… 
  • What influence Coronavirus might have on fashion?

And lots more!

In This Episode:

[01:56] Welcome to the show, Duffy!

[03:12] Duffy shares his background and his journey to where he is today.

[05:35] Duffy talks about working in a salon behind the chair when he first started.

[08:18] What was the appeal of editorial hairdressing for you?

[11:40] Duffy discusses how his training didn’t prepare him for editorial work.

[13:27] Duffy speaks about his first experience in fashion hairstyling.

[17:46] Listen, as Duffy shares what a young hairstylist needs to do if they want to have a career in editorial styling.

[21:15] Duffy says that young hairdressers need to find their own flavor and not copy anyone, try to do it differently.

[23:58] What are some things that young hairdressers do wrong when they are working with you?

[27:01] Always remember you are part of a team that is trying to produce a product that is finished and polished.

[30:15] Duffy shares that when you first start out, you don’t make any money. You have to work for it.

[33:45] You don’t find an agent, an agent finds you.  

[36:18] Duffy’s favorite work is editorial. He shares all the different aspects of his career and the work he does in movies.

[39:25] On the red carpet, you are taking on a well-known person, and it’s your job to enhance their persona.

[40:41] Is there a go-to Duffy look?

[44:01] Duffy speaks about a painting he saw years ago that was opposite of the others he had seen.

[45:48] What is your creative process, and references do you fall back on?

[47:55] Duffy talks about the difference between technique and taste.

[49:43] Duffy discusses what he gets back from all the countries he travels to for work.

[52:55] Listen, as Duffy shares how he thinks the pandemic will impact the fashion industry.

[55:21] He discusses how, in editorial work, they have had to rethink how they are producing imagery.

[56:27] What kind of impact has social media had on your career?

[59:15] Duffy speaks about the energy and excitement that young hairdressers bring to the industry.

[1:01:11] How do you stay relevant and keep reinventing yourself?

[1:02:15] Duffy wishes he was better at all of it because that pushes him.

[1:04:54] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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Special thanks to Duffy for sharing his words of wisdom with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!

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